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Christmas at Wahaca 2017


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. well, not quite yet, but we know the festive spirit remains strong in some all year round. Particularly those tasked with organising Christmas get-togethers.

Check out what we’ve got going on this year below:

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Pisces: helping to make the fishing industry more sustainable

In our quest to make sure that there’s always plenty more fish in the sea, we’re supporting a new start-up, SafetyNet Technologies in their quest to make the fishing industry more sustainable by reducing by-catch.

The award winning SafetyNet Technologies is set to disrupt the fishing industry with its ground-breaking technology which uses lights to attract and repel fish, thus eliminating by-catch by up to 90%. This patented piece of technology which the team call PISCES will take fishing to new dimensions and the team hope will have huge potential to make the fishing industry more sustainable.

Imagine a fisherman only catching the fish he is able to sell. Not catching the wrong type, or fish that are too small. Not having to throw his bycatch overboard or discard of them on land. It sounds like a far-off dream but according to the team behind PISCES, the reality is much closer to home. What makes their technology even more attractive is that within just one day, a fishermen can make their money back due to the extra fish they can now sell.

You can back their crowd-funnding campaign and claim your reward (£25 will get you a £25 voucher) between May 16 and June 23rd. The link to the crowdfunding page is: https://igg.me/at/PISCES

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Time to summerize. Our new menu is out now!

It’s that time of year again – shades, shorts and a slackening of the rules around eating ice cream before midday. So to ensure you hit that culinary sweet spot, we’ve launched a new summer menu that’s stocked full of suitably seasonal delights.

This year, as we turn 10 years old, Tommi has been hard at work flicking back through the archives, and has pulled together a menu of her favourite summer dishes from a decade of cooking in the Wahaca kitchens, and sprinkled it with a few inventions inspired by our recent travels around the Motherland.

Watch out for highlights like our new buttermilk chicken tacos – crispy fried chicken, topped with habanero & white onion relish & a spiced mayo; extra cheesy quesadillas, including the new chicken club; fire roasted cactus and courgette burritos and a heavenly hibiscus-roasted aubergine salad with roast serrano hummus, mint vinaigrette and salsa macha. New to our market treats section, a four cheese empanada, stuffed with four different cheeses in one pastry parcel. We crisp it up and top it with a fresh tomatillo salsa ready for you to take a chomp.

If you like the sound of that, Book yourself in and take your taste buds on a trip to discover a little bit more of the magic of the Mexican markets.

Tlayuda & Mushroom fundido, the spring specials are here

The long winter is almost over, and with it, we are bringing you new specials to discover super-tasty and exciting Mexican flavours.

First up, a dish loved by Tommi since the first time she visited Oaxaca: the tlayuda (‘a lot of corn’ in Mexican dialect Nahuatl), commonly called Mexican pizza, is a chargrilled crisp flour tortilla base, brushed with our Mexican style chorizo and topped with Gringa Diary queso fresco, fresh tomato salsa and avocado chunks. Yes, yum.

Our mushroom fundido, also great for sharing, is made of delicious juicy chestnut mushrooms roasted in garlic, thyme, chipotle and glazed in hibiscus, baked in a blend of mozzarella, cheddar and locally produced queso fresco. Served with flour tortillas to make your own tacos.

And remember, when you order our feel good specials, 20p from each dish is used to support charities and campaigns close to our hearts in Mexico.



Home Cook, more than 300 delicious, fuss-free recipes.

Our very own Thomasina Miers has been a busy bee lately. Having just released her new cook book Home Cook, a collection of recipes from her much loved Saturday column the Guardian’s Weekend Cook.

Front Cover Image

It includes all Tommi’s kitchen essentials and secrets and is an inspiring guide for the home cook looking to enjoy good food any day of the week. Having collected the most loved recipes that she’s fed her friends and family at her always busy kitchen table, it’s a book full of family classics and food inspired by her travels, favourite food writers and chefs.

With a sprinkling of recipes inspired by trips to Mexico to keep you Wahaca fans happy, there’s also a great range of dishes from the UK and other favourite corners of the world, for those who fancy perfecting their roast chicken, (whilst of course not forgetting to keep a keen eye on Mexican date night).


Grab yours here!


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National Margarita Day comes to Wahaca

The humble Wahaca margarita, that exquisite double shot of 100% agave tequila, lime and organic agave syrup, now has a national day set aside so we can all take a moment to properly celebrate its greatness. The 22nd of February is officially National Margarita Day around the world, and we have some special plans for you to look out for at a few of our margarita loving hot spots.

In Wahaca Liverpool we’re hosting a National Margarita Appreciation week, with 4 nights of revelry. From Wednesday 22nd – Friday 24th February 2017, we’re giving free margaritas when you pop in to eat with us (and say the magic password), and our celebration culminates on Saturday 25th February, when Latin favourite DJ Muvelo will be spinning some tracks up in our rooftop bar. You can check out full details of how you can get involved over here.


Meanwhile, in London’s Wahaca Canary Wharf, Charlotte Street and Soho Bars and Restaurants (as well as up in Liverpool), we will be serving an exclusive, extra special Patron margarita, made with Patron silver, a smooth, buttery and lightly spiced super-premium tequila, served chilled and bottled. It’s available for a limited run from Tuesday 23rd to Sunday 26th of February.

Patron Serves_Margarita_large_05_V2

Don’t forget to tell us your Margarita tales using the hashtag #NationalMargaritaDay and salud compadres!

Wahaca Wimbledon helping Polka inspire children through live theatre

Polka and Wahaca Wimbledon have been working together since 2014 and during this time the partnership has gone from strength to strength. For every children’s meal sold at Wahaca Wimbledon, 20p goes to Polka; almost £1,000 in 2016 alone. As a registered charity, Polka relies on these and other donations so they can continue creating inventive, new theatre and sharing it with as many children as possible. In addition to their 90,000+ annual visitors, last year we were able to introduce around 4,500 children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and others with specific learning and access needs, to live theatre and associated learning opportunities.

kids menu

Polka has an exciting year coming up. New productions include Sarah & Duck for ages 3–6, where the enchanting world of the BAFTA award winning CBeebies show is brought to life in a brand new stage show. And don’t miss To Dream Again for ages 7-11, a new play inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Visit t www.polkatheatre.com to find out more!

NEW specials at Wahaca

Continuing the tradition of having new seasonal dishes that give a little back, ( 20 p from each dish goes to support charities and campaigns close to our hearts in Mexico in the UK) we have two new dishes that will make your mouth water…

Introducing Tacos de Carnitas, A classic from the state of Michoacan, slow cooked confit British pork, caramelised and served in toasted corn tortillas with a delish creamy avocado salsa.


And for those of you seafood lovers we have the incredible Crispy squid with jalapeño alioli, chilli-spiked squid, marinated in soy, garlic and coriander and fried until golden and crisp, served with a warming jalapeño and mint alioli. Hungry? Drop in to your nearest Wahaca to tried them, they are available for a limited time only.


Taco Tuesday is here!


Taco Tuesday is here!

Let’s face it, Tuesdays need help. And the good news is, we’ve got the fix, as Taco Tuesdays come to Wahaca this 2017

We all know Mondays get a bad rap, but they have that manic-post-weekend-5-days-to-go excuse. Wednesday’s hump day, you’re half way through and you’re on the home-straight. Tuesdays are a long way from fun and after some in-depth research, (apart from pancakes 1 day a year) we’ve found they’re virtually glee-free. Until now.


Taco Tuesdays means your first plate of tacos is just £1 at all of our restaurants, all day, for everyone on your table.

It’s the fix you need to give your week an early taste-lift, and finally give Tuesdays something to smile about.

Catch you Tuesday*


*Your first plate of our 3 traditional street food tacos is £1 when you order at least one other dish from the street food or bigger food menu. Offer doesn’t apply to Baja tacos, Market treats or Specials. One £1 plate per person. Not available to takeaway. Available on Tuesdays until further notice.

Mexican sensations Jesse y Joy talk music & tacos!

Jesse and Joy Huerta, two Mexican-American siblings that started making music since they were kids, have been having massive success since the release of their first single “Espacio sideral” in Mexico, Latin America, Spain and the States. They’re about to release their fifth album, titled Jesse & Joy, We were really excited to see them at Wahaca Oxford Circus  for a little talk about music and to show off our amazing tacos, however little did we know they are massive Wahaca fans, having spent time in the UK when recording  one of their albums,

Following this amazing bit of news, Eduardo, our Wahaca correspondent, interviewed Jesse and Joy whilst sharing horchatas, carnitas and pork tacos and churros and here’s what they’ve got to say:

Eduardo: You have had a massive success in Spanish speaking countries and the U.S., are you ready to conquer the rest of the world with your first ever album in English?

Jesse y Joy: We are more than ready. We never thought our music would reach the world, we are really thrilled to release our music in English and we wanted to show the world that we are Mexican-American so we also write our songs in English. We don’t want to give the wrong impression to our fans and we don’t want anyone to think we are trying to be opportunists as we are extremely excited and proud that our nomination at the 59th Grammys is for our album in Spanish.

E: We play lots of Latin music in our restaurants (#WahacaMusic), we are really big fans of Julieta Venegas, Natalia LaFourcade, and Café Tacvba, what do you like to listen to when you’re in Mexico?

J&J: It’s really interesting because you just mentioned some colleagues and friends of ours that we respect and admire, Natalia for example, to who we listen all the time.

E: As you can see we specialise in Mexican street food like tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, what is your favourite Mexican food?

J&J: We love ALL Mexican food! But particularly we love pastor tacos, tlayudas, sopes, gorditas and the cuisine from Oaxaca and Chiapas. We enjoy everything, from a good tamal verde to a good arrachera meat!


E: Can you recommend us your favourite taco stand/place in Mexico City?

J&J:El huequito’ for tacos al pastor. They open daily at 9am and close at 4am, so it’s a very good place to go for lunch, dinner, after going out, etc. We also really enjoy the frijoles de la olla and tostadas from ‘El Califa’.

E: Do you have a chef that cooks for you when you’re on tour?

J&J: Of course not! We love food and we love exploring, so we try to go out to as many places as possible, like holes in the wall, where you can get lots of different street food and get to know a bit more about the culture of the place. We are extremely lucky to be able to discover this amazing places whilst we are on tour!