Talk to anyone who knows Mexican food and they’ll no doubt tell you that every good taco starts with a good tortilla. So what makes a good tortilla?

1) Taste – Above all else, your tortilla needs that authentic taste you only get from 100% ground corn.
2) Durability – You don’t want to spill your filling. And your tortilla is there to hold the whole thing together.
3) Moisture – Real tacos don’t crunch. So make sure you’re tortillas are soft, grilled, and ready for you to take a bite.

On our mission to make the best possible tacos, we needed to find the perfect tortilla partner and we found them nestled in the rural hills of Ireland. Where else?

Phil and the team at Blanco Nino have dedicated themselves to creating the most authentic tortillas possible, and after scouring Mexico’s best tortillerias, they brought the ancient Aztec process of nixtamalization this side of the pond. It’s thanks to their process of washing the corn kernels in lime that gives our tortillas their unique flavour and incredible bite.

Armed with this knowledge and inspired by the tastes and traditions of Mexico, they worked together with Tommi, and our development team on multiple recipes, to find the perfect balance of ingredients to make an authentic tortilla that was worthy of holding our delicious fillings.

So next time you’re dropping by, remember the humble tortilla, and the lengths we’ve been to to ensure, it’s never just a taco.

The Blanco Nino team researching in Mexico

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