We think tacos can solve most queries, but for the times when you need a bit more information check out our frequently asked questions and answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just get in touch.

General Enquiries

I have a question for my local restaurant. 

You can get in touch with your local restaurant about an upcoming visit or anything to do with your meal by finding them on our locations page. Contact details can be found in the ‘Find Us’ section at the bottom.

Tell us how we’re doing

We love hearing your feedback on how we’re doing. To make sure we’re putting you in touch with the right people please contact us using the form which can be found here

Food & dietary requirements

I’m vegan – what can I have? 

Please inform your waiter of any dietary requirements when you arrive – below is our guidance which should not replace seeking advice on the day, and please ask your waiter for information on our seasonal specials, which change every few weeks.

You can see our vegan information menu here.

Our Mexican hot chocolate is dairy free, but our Chilli Chocolate Tequila Toddy does contain dairy. All our teas and coffees can be ordered without milk – please ask if we have soy milk available as a substitute.

The tomato-based drinks listed below contain a small amount of Worcestershire sauce, which contains traces of anchovies as flavouring (fish):

  • Michelada
  • Bloody Maria
  • Virgin Maria
I have an allergy or dietary requirement – what can I have? 

Please inform your waiter of any allergies, intolerances or dietary choices when you arrive – below is our guidance which should not replace seeking advice on the day. Some requirements may involve us informing our chefs, and we do not list all ingredients used in a dish on the main menu, so make sure to shout up.

Our waiters, managers and chefs are thoroughly trained on the fourteen main allergens required by the FSA – as well as garlic and onion – and will be happy to help you out with choices & recommendations. We hold easily accessible information which you can view here and is readily available on request in any of our branches.

For those needing help avoiding The Big G, you can see our gluten information menu here. Wahaca’s table sauces are gluten free. If you need help with anything not covered in this guide, please see the FAQ below.

There’s other stuff I can’t eat that you haven’t mentioned – what can I have?! 

We hold easily accessible information on the fourteen major allergens required by the FSA – plus garlic & onion – which you can view here and is readily available on request in any of our branches.

We will do our very best to accommodate any other allergies, intolerances or dietary requirements. Due to the diverse range of ingredients we use – in many tasty sauces, pastes and marinades – our front of house team cannot guarantee to be able to provide on-the-spot information on every ingredient used throughout our menu. So, if you have an allergy or requirement that falls outside of those covered in our guide, we’d recommend you get in touch with us in advance so we can try to give you the best advice and if needed, put you in touch with our Head Chef in the branch you’re visiting to make some plans for what we can prepare for you in advance.

Email us with your requirements and we’ll do our best to help out.

Are your dairy products pasteurised? 

All our dairy products are pasteurised, with the exception of Grana Padano cheese which is a PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) product. This is not currently used on our main summer menu. Please check with your waiter about use of Grana Padano in our seasonal specials. Our chipotle mayonnaise is also pasteurised.

Can I have the nutritional information for Wahaca’s menu? 

Nutritional information and calorie counts are not something we currently have available, though it’s something we are investigating. If you are looking for lower calorie items we’d recommend our salads (without the tortilla bowl and perhaps with dressing on the side), vegetable or steak tacos (without cheese), or anything from the grill (grilled steak, chicken or fish). Our full menu can be seen here.

I hate spicy food. Do you have anything I can eat? 

Absolutely. The idea that all Mexican food is spicy is a total myth, and one of the UK’s biggest misconceptions that Wahaca is trying to dispel. We have an abundance of fresh but mild flavours on our menu. Ask your waiter for recommendations.

I adore spicy food. Do you have the goods to blow my head off? 

Challenge accepted… let your waiter know you want to spice things up and we’ll bring out the hottest of all our hot sauces. By request only – it’s so hot we don’t keep it out on the tables!

Booking a table

I want to book a table, how can I do this? 

You do not need a booking to eat at Wahaca, we always keep some tables unreserved so anyone can drop in. We operate fast moving wait lists if things get busy. You can add your name at the host stand and grab a drink & some nibbles at the bar – we’ll give you a nifty little buzzer which will do all sorts of exciting flashing and buzzing when your table is ready. If you’re tight on time, we do take some bookings at all our branches and you can book a table online here. If there isn’t a reservation at the time you want, remember you can still stop by for a walk in table.

Do your restaurants have disabled access?

Yes, all Wahacas have disabled access. If you want to check any details or you might require assistance please do give us a call ahead of your visit. The phone number for each restaurant can be found under each location here.

Events, parties and catering

I’m having a party and I want Wahaca to come. 

Primarily Wahaca focuses all of our time, attention and people on making our restaurant experience excellent, so unfortunately we aren’t set up to offer catering or bringing our street food van out to small private parties or weddings at the moment. But we do get lots of requests, so it’s something we’re working on! We can consider catering or bringing out our super-duper tanked up taco van to some larger corporate events, so you can drop us a line here to find out if we can help out.

Jobs in the Wahaca Familee

I like your style and I want in! How can I apply for a job? 

Whatever you’re looking for – full time, part time, front of house, back of house, management or central support – head here to read about working for us and to send your CV.

Press Enquiries

I’m writing an article that mentions Wahaca and would like some further information, images or commentary, can you help? 

Sure thing, get in touch with ricky.davison@wahaca.co.uk  and we’ll be happy to help you out

I’m writing an article about Tommi Miers, how can I get hold of her? 

You can get access to all things Tommi by checking out her website here.

Buy stuff: Wahaca gift vouchers, recipes & sauces

I want to buy a gift voucher, how do I do this? 

How generous! You have an excellent taste in gifts. If you would like to buy a Wahaca gift voucher please email us.

Where can I get Wahaca recipes? 

Tommi has a load of recipe books that will have you impressing your mates or mum in no time. You can buy these in any Wahaca restaurant, in good book stores or online.


Tipping and Service charge

How does tipping & gratuity work at Wahaca? 

100% of all tips and service charges go to restaurant staff. You can see some more on how this works at Wahaca here.

New Wahaca Restaurants

I need a Wahaca near me! How do I make this happen? 

It’s always great to hear from our fans with suggestions for new places to open up. We are hoping to bring Wahaca to more areas of the country over the next few years, so sit tight! If you want to get a location on the list for the team to consider, you can let us know here.

Do you offer franchising opportunities? 

All Wahacas to date are opened and operated by our co-founders, Mark and Tommi. We’re having such a great time growing the Wahaca familee so regrettably we’re not currently looking to offer UK or international franchise opportunities.

Chilli growing: all things serrano

What is this bright little packet I was given with my bill? 

They are seeds – take the power of nature in your hands and grow your very own serrano chilli plants. Tips can be found here. And they’re definitely not matchsticks, so you can give up trying to light that fire.

What kind of chillies are they? 

All the seeds in Wahaca chilli packets are for serrano chillies (Capsicum annuum), which are one of the most used chili peppers in Mexican cuisine. They have a bright, biting flavour that is typically hotter than jalapenos.

I want to be greatest chilli grower in all the land – where can I learn how to grow my seeds? 

We like your style, think big. Tips to get started can be found here.

I already AM the greatest chilli grower in all the land – where can I show off the fruits of my labours? 

We love seeing chilli success stories. Tweet us a picture, show us on Instagram or Facebook, all @wahaca, or send us a photo and regale your tale of glory by email.

Should the chillies be green or red? 

When your chillies first fruit, they will be green. As they ripen – for which they need warmth and sunshine – they will start to turn red. You can harvest them when they are green or when they are ripe and a rosy red, both are OK to eat. As they get riper and redder, the flavour will get slightly sweeter and the heat more intense.

Anything else

¡Ay, caray! You still haven’t answered my question! 

For anything else, you can get in touch by emailing ola@wahaca.co.uk.

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