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Our must visit spots in Oaxaca

23rd August 2023

Calling all travel enthusiasts! 🌎​

Oaxaca, Mexico was recently named the best city in the world by Travel and Leisure. And we couldn’t agree more, we are named after Oaxaca after all (more about that here). If being the best city in the world doesn’t warrant a spot on your travel bucket list, we’re not sure what will.

We all know how overwhelming holiday planning can get, so we've put together a list of must visit spots in Oaxaca, that our team don't stop talking about when they visit.

Memelas Doña Vale, Central de Abasto

No trip to Oaxaca would be complete without visiting Central de Abastos, the largest market in Oaxaca. Among the market stalls are the famous memelas made by Doña Vale, who is nothing short of a local legend.

Memelas are fried tortillas made from ground corn dough and topped with a variety of different ingredients. People travel far and wide to try the star of the show, Doña Vale’s signature salsa morita.

La Cocina de Huma

Serving up traditional dishes from the Sierra Sur de Oaxaca region, Le Cocina de Huma is a must visit. Founded by Chef Thalía Barrios, who is making waves in the Oaxaca food scene.

The menus are ever changing with seasonal ingredients locally sourced from San Mateo Yucutindoó and other Oaxacan communities. You can even channel your inner chef with a selection cooking classes, where you’ll learn about ancestral cooking techniques and traditional recipes. Be sure to try out the selection of delicious moles on offer.

Real Minero

Did you know that Oaxaca is the home of mezcal? Take a trip to Real Minero, nestled in Santa Catarina Minas, one of the world’s leading mezcalerias. Real Minero is a family owned mezcal hotspot, and currently led has been in the Angeles family for generations, currently headed by Graciela Angeles Carreno, a fifth generation mezcal producer.

You can sample a variety of the incredible mezcals on offer, but remember to sip, don’t shoot!


Venture just an hour from Oaxaca City, where you’ll find the scenic Portozuelo farm. It’s an organic farm owned by renowned Chef Alejandro Ruiz, a dear friend of our co-founder Thomasina Miers.

Enjoy an incredible farm to table dining experience with seasonal menus. Be sure to try out the slow-cooked meats, including Carnitas and Barbacoa, which are cooked to perfection on a comal and firewood grill.

Written by Beth Palmer

Passionate about Pork Pibil tacos, Beth is Wahaca's Senior Brand Manager, often spotted with her dog Seb by her side.

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