Once you’ve cooked up Thomasina Miers’ latest Picadillo chill recipe, you’ll deserve some well-earned sofa time.  We’ve pulled together our top 5 Mexican inspired Netflix hits, from the mouth-watering Taco Chronicles, to the uplifting Book of Life, there’s plenty to bring your lockdown some cheer.

1. Taco Chronicles

If you’re looking for your next taco fix, then this is the perfect series to binge this lockdown. Explore the history behind some of the most popular taco styles and sit back and enjoy this mouth-watering food adventure.

2. Roma

Oscar winner Alfonso Cuaron delivers a vivid, emotional portrait of a domestic worker’s journey set against domestic and political turmoil in 1970’s Mexico​

3. Book of Life

This uplifting animation  follows young Manolo on a fantastic journey to discover the path his life could take​. 

4. Chef’s Table, Enrique Olvera 

 Learn how world-renowned chef (and one-time Wahaca supper club c0-host) Enrique Olvera transforms Mexico’s most savoury street foods into award winning dishes at his Mexico city restaurant

5. All the freckles in the world

This indie Mexican movie is the story of Jose Miguel, who is fed up with football fever sweeping the nation during the 1994 World Cup until he realises football is the only way to win the heart of his crush

Tommi’s Picadillo Chilli Recipe 

This slow-cooked recipe is the true Mexican version of your favourite chilli con carne. This one combines both beef and pork, sweet spices like cinnamon and allspice and toasted pine nuts and raisins. It’s delicious on its own, with baked potatoes, in tacos or with rice. Yummy.

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