Creamy Baked Sweet Potato with Pipian

14th August 2020

This deliciously simple meat-free dish combines a ‘roasted until creamy’ sweet potato with a protein-packed traditional Mexican pipián, made from pumpkin seeds. Top it off with a zesty fresh tomato salsa and crumbled cheese and you’ve got a perfect meal for any day of the week.


For the sweet potato

2 whole medium size sweet potato

1 tbsp (15gr) olive oil

1 tsp fine sea salt


For the pumpkin seed pipián

140g pumpkin seeds

1 tbsp (15gr) apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar

5 tbsp (75gr) olive oil

140g water

20g spring onion

10g of roasted serrano or jalapeno chilli (less if you want it less spicy)

60g parsley (stalks and leaves)

60g coriander (stalks and leaves)

1 medium size garlic clove

The juice of half a lime

Sea salt (or to taste)


For the tomato salsa

200g cherry tomatoes, sliced or diced

30g red onion, finely diced

The juice of half a lime

1 small garlic clove, finely chopped

10g coriander, finely sliced (stalks and leaves)

Serrano, jalapeno or Thai chilli to taste

Black pepper to taste

Sea salt to taste


To serve

20g Butter (optional)

Salt & black pepper

120gr Cheese (Feta, Lancashire, Goat’s cheese)



Preheat the oven at 185-200ºC. On a baking tray, drizzle the olive oil and spread it all over the sweet potato. Sprinkle the salt and bake for about 40min and check they are almost ready. Turn oven up to 200-220ºc for the last 5-10minutes to develop more colour.


On a dry thick bottom frying pan, add the pumpkin seeds and pan roast them at medium heat, stirring constantly until they start popping and turn slightly darker. Transfer to blender and blend until they are crushed to powder. Add the rest of ingredients and blend. Leave chilli, salt and lime juice to last so you can adjust seasoning to your liking.


Mix all ingredients for the salsa and season to taste with chilli, black pepper, salt and lime juice.


To serve, cut the sweet potato in half (careful it'll be hot)! Season with salt and pepper (and butter if you want!) Place it on the plate, drizzle a healthy amount of pipián all over it, do the same with the salsa and finish with whatever cheese you have in the fridge.


Buen provecho!

Written by Beth Palmer

Passionate about Pork Pibil tacos, Beth is Wahaca's Senior Brand Manager, often spotted with her dog Seb by her side.

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