Wahaca Takes A Break With Steak

20th April 2023

You might have seen in the news that at Wahaca we’ve been making a few changes to our menu recently.

Our co-founders, Thomasina (Tommi) Miers and Mark Selby opened Wahaca to introduce the UK to delicious Mexican inspired food with a firm commitment to do the right thing for our planet. It’s why 50% of the menu is veg-based, why we’ve been carbon neutral certified since 2016 and why in April 2022 we introduced carbon labels on the menu, helping people make more planet-friendly food choices.

It's also why we also decided to take steak tacos off our menu. Lots of people have been talking about it and writing about it (links to a few stories below). Steak dishes had the highest carbon foodprints: they led to the most greenhouse gas emissions per dish. So, taking them off was the right thing for the planet even though they were some of our most popular dishes.

It might seem confusing that a restaurant business would stop serving popular dishes, but we put our values first when it comes to making decisions. At Wahaca we’re always striving to offer delicious Mexican dishes, with meat and without.

Ardent beef fans, fear not, there are the new delectably delicious Beef Gringa Tacos, filled with grass-fed slow-cooked beef, grilled cheese and salsa fresca. And, we also have a slow-cooked beef Burrito, sure to satisfy any beef fan.

Making steaks a rarity also means in the future it will be possible to use a wider variety of cuts of meat from fewer animals and we’ll be able to buy from better farms taking better care of animals and biodiversity . More to come on this soon.

Doing the right thing for the planet is never simple, but we continue to make changes because of our commitment to the future of our planet.

A few links to see what other people said about it:

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Written by Beth Palmer

Passionate about Pork Pibil tacos, Beth is Wahaca's Senior Brand Manager, often spotted with her dog Seb by her side.

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