Our tortilla supplier meeting with corn producers in Mexico

Street food that won’t cost the earth

From day one, we challenged ourselves to minimise our impact on the planet.  We were the first UK restaurant group certified Carbon Neutral back in 2016, we are proud members of Food Made Good, and have won lots of sustainability awards!

We’re pretty proud of the sustainable steps we’ve taken for the planet, sourcing and society.  We make fresh, vibrant, Mexican-inspired street food that doesn’t cost the earth. 
An illustration of the earth with a smiling face and arms around an array of fresh ingredients
Exterior of Wahaca Southbank with outside terrace seating

Prioritising the planet

We have been certified Carbon Neutral since 2016, which means we take lots of steps to minimise the resources we use across our restaurants, from the initial build, to using heat produced by our fridges to heat our water.

To be completely carbon neutral we also offset our unavoidable energy use, by supporting some pretty amazing projects out in Mexico.
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Revealing our sources

We can all reduce our impact on the planet simply through the food we choose to eat.

Our menu is around 60% vegetarian, we champion our great British suppliers, and we use seasonal specials to the menu throughout the year. 

We source free-range chicken and pork, grass-fed beef and sustainable fish, to make sure our dishes featuring meat are delicious and better for the planet too.
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Thomasina Miers exploring fresh ingredients in Oaxaca Mexico
Carbon impact key showing the low, medium and high symbols which we use on our menu

Carbon On The Menu

We want to help you make food choices that are better for the planet, so we’ve added the carbon impact of our dishes to our menu.

We’ve partnered with the climate experts at Klimato to do the calculations and share this information with you.
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People behind wahaca

People are at the heart of Wahaca.  From our founders Tommi & Mark, to the people of Oaxaca in Mexico, our teams in our restaurants and of course our customers too.

We take a whole lot of inspiration from all of them and do our best to give a whole lot of inspiration back through projects and charities, especially to inspire the next generation.
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Our co-founders Mark and Tommi in Oaxaca Mexico leaning against a wall outside the central market
Guac on the gram
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