Red, white & green

From the day we first opened in Covent Garden, we challenged ourselves to minimise the environmental impact our business caused. We’ve since learned how to build sustainability into every element of our restaurants.

We concentrate on three main areas where we feel we can best reduce our environmental impact:

  • sourcing locally and responsibly
  • building environmentally efficient restaurants
  • reducing carbon footprint by being carbon neutral
  • helping our teams work sustainably


In March 2016, at the Food Made Good Awards, an annual celebration of everything that is good about the food-service industry and the people in it, hosted by the Sustainable Restaurant Association in partnership with the Independent on Sunday, we were delighted to receive the award for Large Group of the Year. The awards champion a wide range of businesses, from fine dining establishments to farm cafés, there were a brilliant array of names hoping to win. They all have impressed with their care for the environment, the produce they serve and their staff too.

We were also voted by the Sustainable Restaurant Association: Sustainable Restaurant Group of the Year award in both 2012 and 2013.

Sometimes ingredients cost us a little more, our building work is a bit more expensive, and training our sustainable practices may take a bit longer, but we think it’s worth it and hopefully you can tuck in, happy in the knowledge that your meal at Wahaca won’t cost the earth.

“Wahaca is a great example of a restaurant group that places sustainability at the heart of everything it does. From careful sourcing of produce, to the charitable support of children in Mexico, to the investment in staff training and benefits, Wahaca’s approach to ensuring it meets both its environmental and social responsibilities never fails to impress.

In recognition of this, Wahaca has been awarded three stars (out of three) by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and is our 2013 Small Restaurant Group of the Year.” 

Mark Linehan, Managing Director, The Sustainable Restaurant Association