Thomasina Miers

Fresh, honest, Mexican market food

Not so long ago, cheap tequila shots, mind numbing spices and greasy tortilla chips were what sprang to mind when Britain went out for a ‘Mexican’. At Wahaca we shook things up and started doing things a little differently.

Falling in love with Mexico

I first fell in love with Mexico when I traveled there at the age of 18.  Experiencing the incredible flavors conjured up by the most passionate street food vendors sowed a seed that grew and grew. Years later, I went back to live in Mexico City and began hatching a plan for how I could show people in the UK how vibrant and delicious Mexican food really was.  

In 2007, after a quick spin through the MasterChef kitchens, my dream was finally realised when, alongside my business partner Mark, we opened the first Wahaca in Covent Garden, London.  

Co-founders Thomasina Miers and Mark Selby
thomasina miers

Street Food For All

What I’ve been amazed by in Mexico is how street food is totally ageless and classless.  On every street corner and in every market you see suited business men eating tacos alongside young families, factory workers and government officials.  On top of that the food has so much integrity. Integrity in the flavours and the sourcing of the products, and that’s what we’re constantly working to bring to life. Continually looking to the markets of Mexico for inspiration and recreating their wonderful food over here.

Ever since, we’ve worked hard to match the flavours of Mexico with ingredients that we can get hold of to create a constantly evolving, seasonal menu with ingredients sourced as locally as possibly, or grown and transported with care for the environment. When we started Wahaca that was our mantra – to create a Sustainable restaurant business that was ageless and classless. Everyone should eat with their hands (or their forks if they really want to) – get stuck in and be social knowing the food they were eating wasn’t costing the earth in the process.  

thomasina miers
Wahaca Street food

Mexican food is the most delicious in the world, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.



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