Our Classic Margarita Recipe



This is one of our favourite and best-selling margaritas. As with all cocktails, make sure you shake the ingredients over plenty of ice – you don’t want the drink to be diluted. And don’t forget to attach the lid properly. Many a barman at work has been caught out by a loose lid when trying to do a Tom Cruise impression from Cocktail. The aim is to shake vigorously until the contents of the shaker are combined and ice-cold, not to wreak havoc in your kitchen.


Fine sea salt, for rims
50ml blanco tequila
50ml fresh lime juice
20ml agave (sugar) syrup
2 lime wedges, to garnish



Prepare 2 tumblers with salt rims.
Shake all the ingredients over ice and pour into the tumblers.
Garnish each with a wedge of lime.



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