Tipping at Wahaca


When you’ve had a great meal, you may want to leave a little extra recognition for the team who’ve helped make that possible. Here’s how that works at Wahaca:

Wahaca has a fair tipping policy that has been developed in consultation with our staff over many years and is in line with industry experts’ criteria for fair tipping. The policy was developed precisely with the aim of best rewarding our teams, and we are extremely proud of having a tipping policy that enables our individual waiters to be rewarded for their service, whilst recognising the efforts of the rest of their team delivering your meal in the restaurants.

· We aim to be transparent in respect of what we do. It’s on our menus and you’re reading it right here on our website.

· We have an independent tronc system for sharing tips amongst teams.

· We charge no administrative fee or make any form of deduction from tips or service charges.

· 100% of all tips and service charges go to restaurant staff.

For tables of 5 or more, a discretionary 12.5% service charge is added to your bill, which is distributed in the same way as any other tip you might choose to leave.

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