Chilli Seeds Roundup

When we first came up with the idea of giving away matchbooks of chilli seeds we had no idea you were all going to love them so much. Just looking on Twitter on Google we realised that loads of you have been successfully growing our chillies which is brilliant. This is the tweet we liked best from Paul Gayfer


We’ve also discovered lots of fantastic pictures on Flickr. So we’re going to start a Flickr group to collect all these great images. So if you’ve had any success growing our chillies let us know by leaving a comment and tagging your picture with Wahaca so we can find it!

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Blog Roundup

We’ve seen some great stuff on our friends blogs this week. Here are favourite posts from this week:

1. This article on PSFK about the emergence of underground restaurants is really interesting too. We went last week and loved it. I wonder if Tommi would be interested in cooking at MsMarmitelover’s underground restaurant. Just don’t tell the police.

2. We wish we’d been able to make it to the Tayyabs food and drink blogger get together which Dinner Diaries wrote up brilliantly. It looked like a lot of fun. Maybe we could organise something similar at one of new openings…

3. We saw this on Food Stories site and as a result wish that Mexico was somehow allowed to enter the Eurovision song contest because that would mean we could cook a Mexican meal to participate. The Eating Eurovision idea is fantastic and we are keen to get involved.

4. We were very jealous when we read Hollow Legs’s account of the sake and sushi pairing she got involved in. Sounds a lot of fun. But dare we say it not as much fun as a tequila and taco pairing. Anyone keen?