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Spoon shaped Soup-erheros to the rescue

Our Mexican Spoon Amnesty is in full swing this January, offering free tacos and forgiveness to anyone who returns one of the 4,000 spoons that have gone missing from our restaurants in the last year. Thanks to everyone who has done the right thing and returned our ladles to their loved ones. We hope you’re enjoying the clear conscience and have had a stern word with yourself. Good on you.

Of course we know there are a whole host of you who are honest to the core and have never been even a little bit tempted to steal our cutlery.  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. And over the last 2 weeks we can see you’ve been putting your law-abiding creativity to good work, creating illustrated Soup-erheros as part of our #SpoonCartoon competition. Together they’re creating an army of spoon shaped warriors all ready to join the fight against cutlery crime.

Here’s a line-up of some of our favourite #SpoonCartoons from over the past 2 weeks and click the link to see more incredible entries on twitter.

Check out how awesomely talented our Cutlery Crime fighting customers are
Check out how awesomely talented our Cutlery Crime fighting customers are

And our pick of the spoons for now is this piece of illustrative genius from Lucy, (Aged 3, plus 20).  With Spidey on our sides, surely we can’t lose this fight. Definitely worth a meal for four. We’ll be in touch.

Spidey Spoon

To join in the fun, and be in with a chance to win a meal for 4, drop into Wahaca (Ahhem…. This might be a great opportunity to also bring that spoon of ours back), grab some pencils and get sketching on our #SpoonCartoon postcards. We’ll be picking more favourites and more winners soon.

Together we’ll fight this terrible epidemic. One spoon at a time.

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2015: The year of Mexico in the UK

Hola 2015, the year we celebrate The Year of Mexico in the UK and the UK in Mexico, which was announced by our countries’ respective Governments as a pairing up in celebration of the diversity, talent and cultural heritage of our two nations.


During the year, Mexico and Great Britain will be hosting a huge programme of events in the arts and many other disciplines like innovation, tourism and education, showcasing the best both countries have to offer.

At Wahaca, we are planning to celebrate the huge diversity of Mexican cuisine, (named by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the World) so we’re starting the year with the exciting news of a series of Supper Clubs at our Covent Garden restaurant, where Mexico’s top chefs will be cooking regional dishes with our very own Thomasina Miers, taking us on a culinary trip across Mexico.  Chefs like Alejandro Ruiz from Casa Oaxaca, Roberto Solis from Nectar and Enrique Olvera from Pujol, Pujol being  20 on the list of 2014′s World’s 50 best restaurants.

The variety of ingredients and dishes, originating and being served up in Mexico often comes as a surprise, but the diversity is vast, meaning there’s always something new and mouthwatering to discover. To have a peek at the variety of cuisines found across Mexico, and to give you a taste of what’s coming, take a look a this video:

As well as our supper club nights, we’ll be collaborating with the Mexican Embassy throughout the year on events that showcase the fun, vibrant culture of Mexico. As part of the fun, our van will also take to the roads across the UK, bringing the wonders of Mexican street food to new places near you, so keep an eye on Twitter for where we’ll be parked up next.

First announcements include the Ballet Folclorico de Amalia Hernandez: Mexico’s National Ballet Company’s week long residency at the London Coliseum, The Mexican Morrissey Project UK tour and our very own Day of the Dead Festival, the biggest seen in this country, set to captivate thousands.

To make sure you don’t miss a thing, sign up to our database here.

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Watch out for our Regional Oaxacan Specials menu, exclusive to Wahaca Covent Garden

Wow. Looks like you guys are big fans of the Oaxaca region and its foodie specialities – Ticket for Tommi and Alejandro Ruiz’s Oaxacan supper club sold out in less than 3 hours. But fear not, there’s still a chance for you to get a taste of the action and try dishes inspired by this very special evening.

Following the amazing demand for tickets, we’ve devised a brand new Regional Oaxacan Specials menu inspired by Alejandro’s cooking and his home region, which will be exclusively available at Wahaca Covent Garden from 11th February for 8 weeks only.

The Regional Oaxacan Specials menu brings a new and exciting level of dishes to our original Covent Garden home, aiming to push our creativity and twist our cooking to give a taste of a more indulgent Mexican cuisine to our Covent Garden customers.

Our development team have been working on Oaxacan dishes like this slow cooked beef short rib in Oaxacan mole. Mmmmm
Our development team have been working on Oaxacan dishes like this slow cooked beef short rib in Oaxacan mole. Mmmmm

Sitting right alongside our well-loved main menu, the Oaxacan specials will be available until April, when they will make way for a new set of specials inspired by Mexico City’s most highly awarded chef, Enrique Olvera, who will be flying over to cook with Tommi in Covent Garden for the second in our Supper Club series as our Culinary trip through Mexico continues.

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Alejandro Ruiz and Tommi Miers’ Supper Club at Wahaca Covent Garden – Tickets now on sale

=====Tickets are now sold out =====

But don’t miss your chance to try our Regional Oaxacan Specials Menu, inspired by Alejandro’s visit, exclusively at Wahaca Covent Garden.

======= For details. click here ========


Following the announcement of our 2015 Mexican super-chef supper club series, tickets are now on sale for our first event, on 10th February, when Tommi and world renowned Mexican chef, Alejandro Ruiz will be cooking up a four course feast of Oaxacan delicacies, in our original Covent Garden home. With only 100 seats available on a first come, first served basis, anyone with a real interest in Mexico and Mexican cooking should grab their tickets, pronto.

To buy your tickets click here to visit our Grub Club page and hit ‘Book Now’ to register

Alejandro’s menu, inspired by his home town and region of Oaxaca will take diners on a 4 course culinary tour of the area, with highlights including Hoja santa taquitos with Oaxacan cheese, Chapulines and fresh salsas; and Suckling pig with guiso tehuano.

Hoja Santa taquitos with Oaxaca Cheese and fresh salsa
Hoja Santa taquitos with Oaxaca Cheese and fresh salsa at Casa Oaxaca

In keeping with the regional menu, we’ll be creating a special Mezcal cocktail for the night and will be on hand to serve up a range of Mezcals paired with the dishes Alejandro is serving. Tickets for this mind-bendingly tasty four course meal are £40 per person, (incl. service), and are available to buy through our supper club partner, Grub Club’s page now. So what are you waiting for? See you down there.

Tommi, Alejandro and a pair of pineapples, back in the day .
Tommi, Alejandro and a pair of pineapples, back in the day .

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Mexico’s top chefs take Wahaca Covent Garden on a culinary road-trip

We’re hugely excited to announce that throughout 2015, we’ll be inviting some of Mexico’s most gifted and inspirational chefs over to London to cook with Tommi in our original Covent Garden home in a series of 1-night-only, blow-your-mind, supper clubs. The yearlong series will take you on a culinary road-trip, of our favourite regions of Mexico, from the mountains to the coast, taking in food from the likes of Enrique Olvera whose restaurant currently features in the top 20 in the world, and lifelong friends who’ve helped and inspired us along the way.

Kicking things off at the beginning of February with an exclusive night of Oaxacan dishes, Tommi will be joining forces with Alejandro Ruiz, head chef of the critically acclaimed Casa Oaxaca, voted the 34th best restaurant in the whole of Latin America and one of our favourite places to eat in the entire world.

Alejandro Ruiz

Alejandro is famed across the globe for his seasonal dishes incorporating local delicacies from Oaxaca State such as crickets, Yerba Santa, Huitlacoche and chillies stuffed with ceviches or slow-braised meats. To have such a world renowned chef from the state that initially inspired us is a dream come true for everyone at Wahaca and will be sure to prove a night not to be missed for any fans of Mexican food.

Only 100 tickets will be available for Alejandro and Tommi’s supper club and will be put on sale via wahaca.co.uk  in the coming weeks at £40 per person.  If you’d like to pre-register your interest drop an email to ola@wahaca.co.uk (Pop Alejandro Ruiz in the subject line), so you can be first to hear about how to get your seat in Wahaca Covent Garden for this ultimate celebration of Oaxacan cuisine.

Following on from Alejandro’s visit, our Covent Garden kitchens will be continuing the road-trip, welcoming Mexico City’s most acclaimed super chef Enrique Olvera, whose restaurant Pujol is currently voted the 20th best in the world, to cook with Tommi for 1 night only in April. Later in the summer, Roberto Solis will be taking the helm for a night taking inspiration from his restaurant Nectar, and stints working at the Fat Duck and Noma with Rene Redzepi.

For any unable to attend Alejandro and Tommi’s supper club, the following day we will be launching the first in a series of regional specials menus, running exclusively at Wahaca Covent Garden for 8 weeks to give you a taste of what the incredibly diverse Oaxacan region has to offer. Taking Alejandro’s menu and the Oaxaca region as its inspiration, expect to see dishes such as slow braised, mole glazed beef short rib and Chile Relleno. Think of it as an experiment in something a little extra special for our Covent Garden customers, taking us back to where it all began.

Where it all began, back in Wahaca Covent Garden
Where it all began, back in Wahaca Covent Garden

2015 is a particularly special year for us, as it’s been designated The Year of Mexico in the UK and the UK in Mexico by our countries’ respective Governments; a pairing up in celebration of the diversity, talent and cultural heritage of the two nations. As well as our supper club nights, we’ll be collaborating with the Mexican Embassy throughout the year on events that showcase the fun, vibrant culture of Mexico, so watch out for more excitement throughout the year. To hear about everything we’re up to, sign up to our database here.

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Our Annual spoon amnesty returns this January

It’s a tragic fact that every year more than 4,000 of our spoons go missing from our restaurants. Sure, they’re irresistibly bright and some say ergonomically perfect. True, there’s no finer ladle for your last mouthful, but please, PLEASE can we have them back?

Look just like the one you borrowed from us? It's time to come clean. Our forgiveness is unlimited.
Look just like the one in your cutlery drawer? It’s time to come clean.         Fear not, Our forgiveness is unlimited.

We remain convinced that the good customers of Wahaca wouldn’t pocket anything underhandedly, and reassure ourselves at every stock-count, that most of our spoons are simply being borrowed. Which is why we’re giving you another chance to seek absolution, by joining the Mexican Spoon Amnesty this January.

To do your bit, just return our spoons to your waiter at the beginning of your meal and we’ll reward you handsomely. Not just with a sense of forgiveness and gratitude in equal measure but with a free plate of tacos.

For those saints amongst you, (content with our gift of free chilli seeds), who’ve resisted the chance to take an extra bit of Wahaca home with you, good on you. Now’s not the time to turn to crime. Watch out for other spoon shaped ways you and your honesty can be rewarded when you drop into Wahaca in January.

So start your year with a clear conscience, gather those spoons together and we’ll see you for tacos and absolution soon.

Mexican grasshoppers hit the Southbank once more

Wahaca Southbank Experiment welcomes back the tasty chapulines.

As the population expands, we are putting critical pressure on global food supplies. Insects are eaten regularly by 80% of the world’s population and many see entomophagy (insect eating) as the only logical answer to a future food crisis.


In Mexico, and specially in the estate of Oaxaca, grasshoppers are considered a delicacy and after toasting them with garlic, chilli, lime and salt, they are sold in markets and are most commonly eaten with freshly made tortillas and delicious salsas.

At Wahaca Southbank Experiment, we have cooked them with onions, and chillies to create a nutty salsa, smothered with melted cheese served with tortilla chips for you to very simply dig in.


Ready to give them a try? pop in and tell us what you think of our dish on Twitter using #chapulinYES or #ChapuliNO


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Tequila Fest lands in London

If you’re a fan of all things agave, then here’s an event not to miss. On 22nd and 23rd November, The Tequila & Mezcal Fest will be bringing the finest Mexican agave spirits to the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.

The Tequila & Mezcal Fest has been created by our friend and agave spirit aficionado, Eduardo Gomez, to educate you in the customs of production and consumption and engulf you in the taste, smells, sounds and sights of true Mexico.

Tequila fest

Expect cocktail master classes, with the tequila world’s most knowledgeable, who will be exchanging their wealth of knowledge in the heart of the festival.  Learn how to differentiate between the Blanco, Reposado and Anejo categories sipping your way through blind tastings. Salt and lime will be banned at the door along with novelty sombreros; this will be a sipping only zone.

Tequila & Mezcal Fest is the UK’s first ever and only festival dedicated exclusively to showcasing the best of the agave spirits, so don’t miss it. You can grab tickets at www.tequilafest.co.uk

Wahaca Wimbledon supporting children’s theatre

Joining forces with Polka

We are very excited to support one of few venues in the UK dedicated to producing and presenting work for young audiences since 1979.


Every year over 90,000 children of all backgrounds come to Polka to see the most exciting shows and take part in creative learning activities. To make this possible, Polka not only relies on ticket sales but also on donations, as they are a registered charity.

From this week, when you purchase tickets from Polka you will receive a Wahaca slip. Simply bring that in when you order from the kids’ menu at the restaurant and we will donate 50p to Polka.



To see what’s on at Polka visit www.polkatheatre.com




Be the first to try the tidiest tacos on The Taff…

Wahaca comes to Cardiff

The Wahaca taco van is taking over the streets of Cardiff this week offering free tacos on The Hayes (outisde Hugo Boss) on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of November from 12pm to 3pm.


Drop by, and you will be the first in town to try the tidiest tacos on the Taff for free before opening the doors of our brand new Mexican Street Food restaurant opposite John Lewis on the Hayes, St. David’s Centre, on Thursday 13th of November.


For more news on the taco van location, check out #tidytacos on Twitter and like us on facebook/wahacacardiff