Taco Tuesday is here


Taco Tuesday is here

Let’s face it, Tuesdays need help. And the good news is, we’ve got the fix, as Taco Tuesdays come to Wahaca this January.

We all know Mondays get a bad rap, but they have that manic-post-weekend-5-days-to-go excuse. Wednesday’s hump day, you’re half way through and you’re on the home-straight. Tuesdays are a long way from fun and after some in-depth research, (apart from pancakes 1 day a year) we’ve found they’re virtually glee-free. Until now.


Taco Tuesdays means your first plate of tacos is just £1 at all of our restaurants, all day, for everyone on your table.

It’s the fix you need to give your week an early taste-lift, and finally give Tuesdays something to smile about.

Catch you Tuesday*


*Your first plate of our 3 traditional street food tacos is £1 when you order at least one other dish from the street food or bigger food menu. Offer doesn’t apply to Baja tacos or Specials. One £1 plate per person. Not available to takeaway. Available on Tuesdays in January 2017.
Wahaca Edinburgh receives SKA Gold rating for it's eco-credentials

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Wahaca Edinburgh receives SKA Gold rating for it’s eco-credentials


Papel Picado, a Mexican tradition

You may have seen our cheery Mexican bunting going up for Day of the Dead and currently, our Mexican Christmas celebrations (MexMas).
Papel picado is a lovely Mexican tradition, where the paper is hand-cut with chisel & hammer to create wonderful designs, it’s used for all kinds of celebrations, from Mexican Independence Day to weddings and birthdays.
Photo by @lilafeatherstow on Instagram.
Photo by @lilafeatherstow at Wahaca Chichester on Instagram.
Ours is made in the State of Mexico, Metepec to be exact, by Sergio and his team. Sergio, originally trained as a professional jazz musician, followed his father’s footsteps and took on the family workshop. Having learned to cut paper since a boy, he has honed his skill. Using just a hammer and a set of different size chisels he will cut out the design freehand using his eye and imagination. When he wants to ensure accuracy he will sketch the design first and then cut over that. He will cut through a pile of super thin tissue paper with one blow.
It is a real skill to imagine a design that will work structurally – so it wont fall apart when hung on string – but also from a design perspective, so it will work in silhouette against the light.
We are proud to hear that after ordering 5 kilometers of papel picado this year for our restaurants and events, Sergio is growing his workshop with local apprentices and is a part of the local community – making papercuts not just for local celebrations, but internationally he was recently commissioned to do a special large wall hanging picture for a National Museum in Canada.
For more info, visit the Montes & Clarke website.

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The Spoon Amnesty returns to Wahaca this January

Heard about our #SpoonAmnesty? No? Let us explain…

Each year thousands of our chunky colourful dessert spoons mysteriously disappear from our restaurants, that is why we decided to give you the opportunity to seek redemption, by bringing them back in January.


In return, we offer a FREE*, yes free plate of tacos, Pork Pibil, Chicken tinga, Plantain or steak? Grab a plate when bringing a spoon back anytime in January.

*1 plate of tacos per table, excludes specials, Baja tacos and market treats.



Reopening our restaurants

We are very pleased that last week we were in a position to re-open the remaining few restaurants that were affected by the suspected outbreak of norovirus which hit us earlier in the month and now all our sites are open and trading as normal. We will of course continue to monitor the situation very carefully and, as ever, will take any precautionary measure that we deem necessary in order to keep our customers and team members safe and well.

We have been able to deal with this unfortunate situation in no small part due to the outstanding and unwavering support of our customers and our team members. We have also had the full cooperation of our suppliers, who continue to work with us and local and government authorities, to establish the source of the suspected outbreak.

It appears that this has been an isolated incident and we are in touch with those who have reported that they’ve been affected. We very much hope that those who were affected are making a speedy recovery.

Do keep an eye on our website for any updates on restaurant opening hours.

Mark Selby and Thomasina Miers,
Wahaca Co-Founders


Please see below for our original statement from 3rd November 2016


Last week a number of our staff and customers were struck down by what is suspected to be the winter vomiting bug, norovirus.

We assessed each case and when it became clear they were not isolated incidents, we got in touch with relevant officials at Public Health England and Environmental Health Offices. In tandem with that, we took our own precautionary measures – voluntarily closing affected restaurants, carrying out anti-viral deep cleaning at all of our restaurants, whether affected or not, and ensuring that any staff member who had reported illness remained off site until their symptoms had ceased for at least 48 hours.

Our amazing teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that we have done everything within our power to limit any risk to our customers and team members, and the situation remains under control and we continue to work with all local authorities to monitor this closely.

The majority of our restaurants are open and we hope to reopen the 4 remaining sites, on a case by case basis, as soon as we feel we are ready to do so.

We are incredibly sorry that people have been unwell. In the 9 years since we first opened Wahaca we have never had such an unprecedented incident, and we are doing everything we can to get to the bottom of how this may have happened.

In addition, we feel that it is inappropriate to proceed with our Day of the Dead fiesta, and have therefore made the very sad decision to cancel this year’s event.

We want to make sure that our time and efforts are being spent with our teams so that we can get the restaurants affected back up and running as soon as possible, and that any staff and customers affected can make a speedy recovery.

Our partners at The Vaults will be making an automatic refund to all event ticket buyers in the next week.

Mark Selby and Thomasina Miers,
Wahaca Co-Founders

Dia de Muertos, time to remember and honour…

As we prepare for our Day of the Dead celebration, today we remember and honour friends and family who have gone before us, the gates to the after world are opened and prayers and thoughts of the living can freely travel to the realm of the deceased. Likewise, the deceased can make a journey to accept offerings of food and drink from their relatives and friends.

We asked Santiago Lastra, cooking at our Day of the Dead Supperclub, Salvador Duran of Orkesta Mendoza, playing on Friday night and Luzmira Zerpa of Family Atlantica, playing on Saturday, what Day of the Dead means to them:

“To me, DOTD means party and celebration. I remember the days when my school mates and I used to do alters at school, the papel picado bunting and the Mexican marigolds (or Cempasúchil, as we call them in Mexico). My memories of DOTD come before I was a chef. Food was fundamental, the streets of Mexico were dressed in the orange of the flowers and the smells of Mole and orange blossom were overwhelming. When I was younger, I used to eagerly await for October to be able to eat Pan de Muertos and as an adult I await for the food and those toasts with mezcal. DOTD is one of the best ways in which both the people and the culture of Mexico are represented, we party and celebrate till death!” Santiago Lastra, Chef.


“Day of the dead is an old Mexican tradition. We celebrate it to understand the meaning of life and to remember those we love and who taught us how to be and with great respect to honor them in a festive way. To thank them for their existence.” – Salvador Duran, Orkesta Mendoza


” Day of the dead is a very important occasion for me. It’s a moment of truth… a moment of total and honest humanness. Our human bodies die this is undeniable. Yet we are all so scared of that sacred moment… On the Day of the dead we acknowledge the people, the spirits, the memories of those who died before us… We give them a place and time in our busy lives, we remember and honour them.. As a Venezuelan I had a notion of this practice, as a Latin American I have learnt with the Mexicans a deeper and more meaningful way to practice and celebrate El Dia de Muertos. I am eternally thankful to the depth of the Mexican culture and its relationship to such a profound even in your lives… To honour death we have to be totally alive! Come and find out! “ Luzmira Zerpa, Family Atlantica.


Whoever you are lovingly remembering today, we wish you feliz Dia de Muertos. #WahacaDOTD

Free Tacos and Tequila this Day of the Dead

As Mexico’s most life affirming celebration approaches, we’re offering you all a chance to raise a toast to loved ones and legends of the past with free tequila and tacos in all of our restaurants on the 1st and 2nd November. To grab yours, just head to www.wahaca.co.uk/raise-a-toast and sign up for a voucher to use at your closest Wahaca, then head to here to book yourself a table.


The last remaining tickets are selling quick for our huge Day of the Dead fiesta at The Vaults, under Waterloo Station on Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th November. A mind expanding mix of modern Mexico with the finest live bands, DJs, street food, provocative performance, Lucha Libre wrestling, Mexican street market and agave fuelled remembrance.  Get all of the details and grab your tickets now.

Late summer gets special

Whether you’re calling it the tail end of summer or the beginning of autumn, you’ll still be looking for some tasty bites to see you through the seasonal changes and we’ve got a couple of absolute humdingers for you as we continue through the year of the taco.

Anyone paying particular attention might well know about our friends at Riverford Organic, who we helped out last year by buying an entire field of corn, after their crop developed the unmistakably delicious fungus that gives the Mexican delicacy huitlacoche it’s earthy, truffley richness. This time around they’ve been growing organic poblano peppers for us, and we’re turning them into the latest in our run of winning tacos. We coat them in panko breadcrumbs, deep fry them and lay them into a corn tortilla on top of a base of frijoles, then finish with chipotle mayo and a zingy tomatillo salsa = Poblano tacos.


We’ve also got meat eaters covered with the ludicrously tasty Lamb taquito. We marinade British lamb shoulder in an ancho chilli adobo run and slow cook it with orange and spices to give it an amazingly unctuous juiciness. Then it’s rolled into corn tortillas and deep fried to give it a crunchy bite and popped on top of a shredded slaw with salsas and crumbled feta cheese.


To drink? Our take on a cocktail that we first discovered about 5 years ago whilst running around LA, hunting for the world’s finest taco trucks. The chilli and coriander margarita takes Olmeca Altos Blanco tequila and shakes it up with fresh cut coriander and a serrano chilli to give a gentle hit of warmth to spice up your autumn.


Reflections, part of the Brixton Design Trail

The Brixton Design Trail is bigger and better this year, showing the world the vibrancy of the area from the 17th to the 25th of September and we are hosting a collection of mirrors from local artist Jo Gibbs.


Jo Gibbs has been working with Wahaca for the last four years upcycling furniture for their restaurants, her chairs mirrors and tables are spread across their London Branches.. For Brixton design trail, she will be hanging interactive mirrors around the Wahaca Brixton restaurant.


Everyone is invited to take photographs of the reflections. and to post them on Instagram. @jogibbslondon with the hashtag #reflectionsBrixton

The most beautiful and interesting photograph will win Dinner for two at Wahaca.

Take a look Jo talking to us about upcylcing for Wahaca.