A selection of dishes featuring on Wahaca's summer menu



Thomasina Miers and the team have created a super, seasonal summer menu. Taking inspiration from the freshness and vibrancy of Mexican street food, brand new dishes and summery new takes on existing favourites, make up a menu that’s now over 50% veggie! Everything’s made using high quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients including free-range British pork and chicken.

Get inspired to try something new available on Deliveroo and Click & Collect now and for dining at our restaurants as soon as they can reopen.


A vibrant new addition to Wahaca’s plant powered dishes. The aubergine is roasted until crispy and caramelised and then tossed in a sweet-savoury hibiscus glaze, with fresh mint giving the tacos a burst of summery freshness. The taco also includes a pine nut and almond white mole, inspired by a mole tasted by Thomasina at a restaurant in Mexico City.

Two aubergine tacos in a taco wave on a plate
Pork pibil Mexican rainbow bowl


Packed with all the tastes of summer and colours to match, our Rainbow Bowls are a wholesome combination of slow-cooked black beans, green coriander rice, pink pickled onions, guacamole, a new chipotle slaw and a whole host of other delicious ingredients. Choose between grilled free range chicken, free range pork pibil or keep it plant-based with sweet potato & tenderstem broccoli.


A new take on cult Mexican street food dish Tacos Al Pastor.  We’ve switched the traditional pork for tasty halloumi. The flavour-packed combination of salty cheese, fruity and tangy achiote and the sweetness of pineapple salsa is fast becoming a favourite with Wahaca’s staff and customers.


We’ve added a decadently delicious way to round off your meal – a crispy empanada bursting with caramelised plantain with brown sugar, browned butter, sea salt, dark rum, a hint of cinnamon and a squeeze of fresh lime. It’s drizzled with dulce de leche and topped with vanilla ice cream and a coconut oat crumble – all handmade in-house by Wahaca’s chefs.

Our banoffee empanada in a shallow bowl, served with ice cream and coconut oat crumble and drizzled in dulce de leche sauce


You’ll need something equally delicious to accompany our fresh summer menu, so we’ve been mixing up some drinks too. Dial up the heat with the Picante margarita – Wahaca’s classic margarita shaken up with red chillies for a spicy kick.

Less fiery but equally delicious is Wahaca’s take on the Old Fashioned. It combines añejo (aged) tequila with bitters and orange and is garnished with a shard of chocolate for a smooth and sophisticated cocktail.

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