The team from Nino Blanco where we source our tortillas



Our free-range pork is sourced from British farmers we know and trust.

The pigs are free to roam their entire lives, wallow in mud and forage for a natural diet to their hearts’ content. Then they can retire to their straw beds to catch some zs under the stars (or under a canvas cover if they prefer!)


We have increased the number of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes on our menu, which is now around 50% plant-based! We add seasonal specials to make the most of ingredients while they’re fresh and can be sourced locally.

We work with some fantastic suppliers such as Sharpham Park and Hodmedods, to get the best vegetables and pulses for our dishes.



Our ambition is to always serve British free-range chicken, going above and beyond the industry standard.

The far-reaching impacts of Covid-19 and the uncertainty of demand it has brought to UK farmers though, means that demand is at times outstripping supply.  When this is the case, we make sure that we source meat of the next highest welfare standard to be certain that we are using the best ingredients possible in our dishes.  We remain passionate about working with British farmers to continuously improve the welfare of chickens farmed for meat.

All our eggs are free-range too, including those used in our ice cream, dressings and sauces – this has not been impacted.

We hope that by the autumn our supply chain will be returning to normality and we will be able to return to free-range chicken in all of our restaurants.


Our beef is selected from farm assured British beef herds. It is always matured for a minimum of 21 days for flavour and texture.


We work closely with our fish supplier to find species of fish that meet our strict standards on sustainability. We never buy endangered species or fish in its breeding season.

We were one of the first restaurants in the UK to pass an audit by the Marine Stewardship Council and stock their approved MSC fish on our menu. We started doing this in May 2008 when we were granted permission to use their logo on our menus when we purchase fish from their fisheries. 

For full details of what is good to eat, and what is not, see the Marine Conservation Society’s list.

Lamb barbacoa tacos


This autumn we’ve got brand new seasonal specials for you to try.

Our Lamb barbacoa tacos are bringing the cosy autumnal vibes, soft flour tortillas filled with smoky slow-cooked lamb.

And our Chargrilled British hispi is the perfect seasonal addition to a tableful of tacos.


We can all have a positive impact on the planet just by our food choices and we want to make that as easy as possible for you.  Eating at Wahaca you know that you’re going to get food that’s not only good to eat, but good for the planet too.

The food and where it comes from is so important to us, but here at Wahaca we’re looking after the planet in lots of other ways too.

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