Our charity partner in Mexico is EDNICA, a UNESCO backed charity supporting children whose parents live and work on the street. Instead of passing on money in handouts, they spend our donations educating children about nutrition, technology, morals and working together. The simple objective is to give them the opportunities their parents never got.

Work with Wahaca


We also support three charities working with underprivileged children in the UK.

Magic Breakfast provide children who would otherwise go without, with a nutritious breakfast before the go to school, to ensure they get the most out of their day and make the most of their amazing potential.

Kitchen Social provide meals and activates for children in their school holidays, when many children’s main meal of the day is not provided, making sure that their holidays are as enjoyable as they should be and not a burden on their parents’ pockets.

In Wahaca Wimbledon, we donate 20p from every kids’ menu sold to Polka Theatre, Wimbledon’s local theatre dedicated to children’s shows. The money goes to help promoting the magic of theatre and art in the local area.


We are certified Carbon Neutral, we take lots of steps internally to be the best we can, but where we have unavoidable energy usage we offset this.  We choose our carbon offsetting projects carefully, so that we can not only give back to the planet, but it’s people too – in the country that gave us our inspiration, Mexico.

We support Improved Cookstoves to provide stoves to reduce emissions for families, this not only reduces the carbon impact but has health and financial benefits too. 

The wind turbine farm which we support not only produces renewable energy, it also runs activities with local communities – providing workshops, health screenings and reforestation programmes.

A community gathered around a new improved cookstove

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