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Sourcing at Wahaca

At Wahaca, we believe in buying meat from animals that have been treated with compassion. We believe in supporting British farmers and have committed to buying all our meat from within the United Kingdom.



By working closely with our UK producers, ensuring that they have the same ethics as we do and developing good working relationships with them, we are confident that we are buying ethically sourced meat; in short, our meat is sourced from farms that we trust.



We will continue to source all meat from the UK and ensure all fish on our menus is either MSC certified or sustainably sourced. On top of all this, we are proud to have signed up to the Better chicken commitment, a new set of standards improving the welfare and living environment of chickens farmed for meat, to help improve standards not just for us, but for the whole industry. More information about the commitment can be found here:


Beef: Our beef is selected from farm assured British beef herds. It is always matured for a minimum of 21 days for flavour and texture.

Pork: Our pork is British RSPCA assured and outdoor bred. The pigs are born outdoors and have a forage and cereal-based diet which produces a fully flavoured meat, with just the right amount of fat. We have worked closely with our suppliers to ensure that practices like routine tail docking will never be an option.

Chicken: We buy our chicken from selected UK farms who share our commitment to animal welfare and meat quality standards. We currently buy enhanced welfare indoor birds, meaning chickens are kept in barns, bedded on straw or wooden shavings, with an enriched environment that includes straw bales and other pecking objects, which encourage natural behaviour such as foraging and perching.

All the eggs that we use are free-range, including the eggs in our ice cream, dressings and sauces.

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Fish: We have an extremely strict fish buying policy – we never buy endangered species or fish in its breeding season. We were one of the first restaurants in the UK to pass an audit by the Marine Stewardship Council and to stock their approved MSC fish on our menu. We started doing this in May 2008 when we were granted permission to use their logo on our menus when we purchase fish from their fisheries. We work closely with our fish supplier to find species of wild and farmed fish that meet our strict standards on sustainability.

For full details of what is good to eat, and what is not, see the Marine Conservation Society’s list at

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Sourcing at Wahaca

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