Building sustainable restaurants

When we build our restaurants we always try to use as many recycled materials as possible. The wood clad walls in our Soho restaurant used to be the Slug and Lettuce floor, and the floor in our Southbank bar used to be the walls in Dishoom. It’s a nice reminder of the past, but also a nice way to reduce our environmental impact when we open up.

We like to test ourselves when we build by completing “SKA Retail” environmental assessments to ensure our restaurants are as sustainable during construction as when they’re up and running. SKA helps us identify where we can reuse materials, specify materials with high recycled content, install energy efficient equipment and ensure that all timber is certified as sustainable. As a result of our efforts, all of our newly built restaurants have been rated with a Gold SKA rating.

As a restaurant group, we’re aware that we need to use a fair amount of power to operate, but we try our best to reduce this wherever we can and in 2016 we took that one stage further by becoming the UK’s first carbon neutral restaurant group. We monitor our energy and use state of the art equipment to minimise our environmental impact. Utilising the heat energy created by fridges and freezers to heat the restaurants’ hot water, installing demand driven ventilation systems and motion sensor lighting, and installing flow controllers in all plumbing.

Over the years we’ve introduced some innovative ways of keeping our environmental impact to a minimum. We use state of the art equipment to reduce power consumption – for example, the heat generated from our fridges and freezers, is reused to heat the hot water.

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