Now serving Belu water, water with ethics.

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Now serving Belu water, water with ethics.

Back in 2015, we started serving Belu still and sparkling water at every Wahaca.

We’ve always been interested in supporting projects that give something back to the community. As an example, we give 20p of every single seasonal specials we serve to Ednica, a UNESCO-backed charity dedicated to help children and teenagers who live in the streets of Mexico City.

We are really proud to have Belu water at Wahaca.Why?, Belu water is the most sustainable water company in the UK. They only use materials and water from the UK; their bottles are made of the lightest clear glass, which reduces their carbon footprint; all their materials are 100% recyclable. But most importantly, all of their profits go to WaterAid, a charity with the main goal of giving access to fresh, clean drinking water in areas of the world with extreme poverty.

Belu water partenered with WaterAid in 2011 with the aim of donating £1 million by 2020; we are thrilled to know they achieved this by the end of 2015!

Whenever you stop by at one of our sites to have your taco fix and you want to help a little bit, why don’t you try Belu water (alongside one of our margaritas!), knowing that with every gulp of still or sparkling water, someone will also have better access to drinking water as well.