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La Linea and Wahaca present Hecho en Mexico at the Azulito Bar

Since 2001, La Linea has been London’s Latin music festival, bringing Latin America and Spain’s legends and rising stars together in the capital.

To celebrate the closing night of the 2014 festival, La Linea and Wahaca present a screening of  Hecho en Mexico at Wahaca Soho’s Azulito Bar on Tuesday 15th April at 6.30pm and we’d love you to be there. To register for a free place on the guest-list for you and a friend, simply enter your details in the form below.

Made in Mexico

Hecho en Mexico is a vibrant musical odyssey travelling through contemporary Mexico, featuring performances by rockers, rappers, folk artists and pop stars which presents a unique portrait of the country and its people. The film, written, produced and directed by Duncan Bridgeman of One Giant Leap fame, showcases the richness of Mexican music both young and old, from traditional music to pop rock and rap blended with interviews from Diego Luna, Lila Downs, Chavela Vargas  and many more leading personalities. The result is an inspiring and often funny musical road trip through modern day ‘Mexicality’, which resonates globally.

The guest-list only event will take place at Wahaca Soho’s Azulito Bar with Latin-rock Entre Dos Tierras DJ Paola Feregrino playing some Mexican tribal, electro-cumbia and rock.

Places are free but limited, so get your details over to us quick and we’ll let the lucky few know by Friday 4th April.

La Linea 2014 Logo

04/04/12 Update: The guest list is now closed.

Get snappy and win lunchtime tacos for you and 7 workmates

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Get snappy and win lunchtime tacos for you and 7 workmates

Not content with adding our amazing new large lunchtime tacos to the menu in Covent G, Soho and Islington, we’re also giving you and your work pals the chance to win 8 of them, purely by showing off your photographic awesomeness.
Snap a photo of our large lunchtime tacos with Instagram, tag it with #tacolunchbreak and we’ll choose our favourite at the end of February to win lunch for up to 8.

Instagram those tacos and get tagging #tacolunchbreak
Instagram those beautiful tacos and get tagging. #tacolunchbreak

Our new range of generously filled tacos are big enough to power you through the afternoon, and our speedy service means (if you really have to rush back to work) you can be in and out in around half an hour. So with 2 large tacos starting from just £6, they’re the perfect reason to say adios to the cheese and pickle sandwich and join the lunch break taco-ver.

Join the lunchtime revolution #TacoLunchBreak

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Join the lunchtime revolution #TacoLunchBreak

We know what it’s like, some days you just want a quick, tasty lunch which doesn’t cost the earth. An amazing flavour hit to replace that boring sandwich at your desk. So we’ve come up with our new lunchtime large taco menu, exclusively available at Wahaca Soho, Islington and Wimbledon, weekdays from 12 – 3pm. The perfect excuse to re-claim your lunch break.

Ahhh, Chicken tacos.  Hearty enough to power you through the afternoon with minimal pocket denting.
Ahhh, Chicken tacos. Hearty enough to power you through the afternoon. Maximum flavour, with minimal pocket denting.

Our new range of generously filled tacos, big enough to power you through the afternoon, are topped with a choice of 4 delicious fillings and served with our creamy frijoles on the side. Choose from either chicken tinga in a smoky chipotle marinade, slow-cooked pork pibil with pink pickled onions, grilled British steak and cheese, or seasonal vegetables with feta and avocado salsa.
Our speedy service means (if you really have to rush back to work) you can be in and out in around half an hour, and with 2 large tacos starting from just £6, they’re the perfect reason to say adios to the cheese and pickle sandwich and join the lunch break taco-ver.

Two large tortillas, dressed salad and slaw, grilled steak, chipotle salsa and cheese. With frijoles on the side. Damn it's good.
Two large tortillas, dressed salad and slaw, grilled steak, chipotle salsa and cheese. With frijoles on the side. Damn it’s fine.

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Tequila tasting at Wahaca Soho

On Wednesday night we hosted the second of our tequila tastings in Soho, with the aim of selecting a new range of special guest tequilas to put on our bar list over the next year.

Since opening Wahaca, we knew we had a job to do when it came to tequila in the UK. It is such a misunderstood drink here, and there’s good reason for that – The prominence of low quality tequilas that leave you with a burning throat and a lingering feeling of regret has done huge damage to its reputation as a quality spirit. So we pledged to only stock tequilas that were of superior quality, 100% agave, and that had passed our own taste test. Move forward 4 years and we’ve got a list of tequilas that we’re really happy with, and we are developing this pledge further. We have been working with the Mexican Tequila Board to search out tequilas that are not available outside of North America. Tequilas that have been made with quality in mind, rather than mass production. The kind of tequilas that are sipped by those that really know what they are talking about. Our aim is to not only be able to offer these tequilas to you, but also to give these smaller suppliers the opportunity to give their products international recognition for the first time.

The Mexican Tequila Board very kindly sent us an early Christmas present of around 35 bottles of just such tequilas. None of which are available outside Mexico, none of which we had tasted before, and all of which sounded like they would be welcome additions to our bar list. But we don’t want to just add any product to our list, so they needed tasting. You don’t get this opportunity every day, so we thought that we’d share them around with our most deserving friends. 

We invited our facebook fans to write in and tell us why they should be chosen to join us and we had a great response. We narrowed the field down and selected our panel of experts, who would be lending us their taste buds for the evening.

The evening was masterfully compered by Henry Besant, of the World Wide Cocktail Club, and who is about the most knowledgeable tequila aficionado in the country. He introduced us to a mixed selection of 9 tequilas that he had picked from our consignment and we diligently set to work tasting.

We ended the night having sniffed, slurped and swilled our way through 3 blancos, 3 reposados, 2 añejos and 1 extra añejo. There was debate, an exchange of words such as vegetal, herbal, woody and even bacon, and a pleasant feeling of having been involved in something that signified another small step in the right direction for tequila in the UK. Our voting system led to 4 winners, but there was a general consensus that in fact 3 of these had something extra special which made them stand out: A blanco named Tequila Gran Orendain, an Añejo named La Fortaleza (or Los Abuelos) and an Extra Añejo named Tequila Campo Azul.

Now, we should say here that the funny thing about tasting tequilas that you’ve never heard of before and which aren’t available outside of Mexico, is that occasionally you realise why that’s the case!  We did taste some slight duds on the night, especially in the Reposado category. We happily supplemented them with a comparative tasting of our current house pour, El Tesoro Reposado, and were all agreed that there wasn’t any need to force the issue, none of the Reposados could measure up on the night, so they’d stay in Mexico for the time being.

Thank you so much to Kate, Ed, James, Yashoda, Jesús and Paul for responding to our request and coming along and lending us their taste buds and opinions. Thanks also to the Mexican Tequila Board for supplying us with tequilas that wowed, challenged, delighted and surprised us in near equal measure. And finally thank you to Henry for leading the way once more.

You will be able to see the final results from all of our tastings up on our blog soon, and most importantly taste them for yourself as they each take up their monthly guest spots over the coming year. We really hope you’ll enjoy our choices.  If you have any thoughts on our tequila list, or general musing about this magical drink, please feel free to let us know in a comment below.

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Do you want to be on our tequila tasting panel?


Following a flurry of excitement amongst our facebook fans, we are now looking for an exclusive panel of 5 tequila experts from amongst you lot, the followers of our facebook, blog and twitter pages, to join us for a tequila tasting with a difference, to be held at Wahaca Soho on Wednesday 23rd February 2011 at 6.30pm.

Do you know your agave from your auto-clave, your piña from your pot still? What on earth would you do with a Tahona Stone?

If you would like to join this tasting, send an email to ola@wahaca.co.uk explaining in no more than 100 words why you are qualified to help us select the next top tequilas that will be featured on our bar list. The deadline for entries is the end of Monday 20th February, so get cracking.

On the night, we’ll taste a range of tequilas which have been sent to us by the Mexican Tequila Board that aren’t available outside of North America. They’ve kindly searched out 30 top quality tequilas from Mexico’s smaller distilleries just for us. It’s not just for fun though, at the end of the tasting, we’ll pick out 4 favourites, which will be appearing as guest tequilas in our bar over the next year. We’re hoping that by putting them on our list, we’ll help to introduce these brands to the international market, and their amazing products can start to be shared with the world.

The tasting will start at 6.30 with a cocktail to get us in the mood, then it’s down to the serious business of choosing our top tequilas. The tasting will be led by the all-knowing tequila aficionado Henry Besant, who will help guide us through a range of platas, reposados and añejos and will finish at about 8pm.

Don’t get confused, this is not the same event that is being organised by QYPE (That’s one’s going to be just as good though!) This one is just for all you Wahaca fans out there in the world-wide-webernet. (If you’re looking for the Qype event, head over to their page for details).

We’ll look forward to hearing why you think you’ve got what it takes to help choose our next favourite tequilas. Those still looking for a worm in the bottom of their bottle need not apply.

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Margaritas get Mims to Mexico

Those of you who have read my first post know that come March next year, I’ll be cycling 680km across Mexico in 8 days, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. It’s my first biking event and the most physical challenge I have ever set my mind to.

On the 19th December, Wahaca is helping me host ‘Margaritas will get Mims to Mexico’ – half price cocktails, good chat, the chance to win some great prizes in a raffle or two and a good old foosball tournament.

The most important thing to point out is that ALL PROFITS from this fiesta will be donated straight to Macmillan Cancer Support through my justgiving page (www.justgiving.com/miriam-smith) – meaning a margarita really could be the difference between life and death for a cancer patient.

I would love you to join me – I’ll be shaking the margaritas – so if you’re free on the 19th December and fancy a half price margarita and a game of foosball, pop into Wahaca Soho, 80 Wardour St, from about 5.30pm onwards.

And please feel free to invite your wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, girlfriends and boyfriends, your best friend or any random people you meet in the street or on the tube!

Hoping to see you there!