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Blog Roundup

1. Like Simon Majumdar, we’ve been following the Taco Truck trend in the US for a while and have been wondering whether to give it a go ourselves. His article for the Guardian is very eye-opening and has got our creative juices flowing. For more information, have a good read of Simon’s article and also check out this post on Springwise. It seems like just the sort of thing London need.

2. Following the theme of mobile-gourmet vans, we’ve been loving what Petra from Chocstar is up to. Particularly her recent trip to Victory Primary school. It’s the sort of thing we’re trying to do more of. Petra, can you park outside our restaurant in Covent Garden? Maybe we could do churros and chocolate collaboration?

3. We’ve also been a bit bowled over by the Rancho Gordo blog. His method of cooking trout inside corn husks is as inspiring as it is inspired and the piece about Diane Kenedy has stuck a chord with us, especially given the fact we are hosting a special dinner with her soon. If you like reading about Mexican cooking pop Rancho Gordo in your RSS reader.

4, Mel and Kelsie from Travels with my Fork have created a fantastic video of them making Pozole:

Mexican Pozole from kelsie mortimer on Vimeo.

We’re looking forward to seeing how their hibiscus sorbet turns out as well.

More next week.