We check out the difference you’re making by eating our street food specials

Today our taco tasters took a break from eating their way around Mexico City and paid a visit to Ednica, the charity who we have been supporting at Wahaca for the past 5 years.

Ednica is a UNESCO backed charity that helps to feed and educate kids whose parents work and often live on the streets of Mexico City, and who without the right kind of support, it’s likely would continue living and working on those streets and not realise half of the massive potential that we saw from them today.


We met and chatted with kids and their teachers from Ednica’s 3 centres in Ajusco, Xochimilco and Morelos, and after each giving a talk about their region and its local cultures, we tried dishes that they prepared for us, including some seriously zinging carrot tinga tostadas and beautiful caramelised cactus nopales. It was a real inspiration to see the work that the guys at Ednica are doing and to hear the success stories of kids who have gone on to study to university level truly shows the amazing difference they are making.

To do our bit to help them out, we donate 20p from every Street Food Specials dish you order, and that money adds up to help provide salaries for the coordinators and educators who work with these kids’ every day. So please keep ordering those dishes, so we can help these tiny little legends to have the best possible chance to turn their lives from something fairly desperate into something truly great.

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The Scoop on our latest Street Food Specials

As the summer draws to a (slightly premature) end, like an obedient pack of truffle hogs, Thomasina and our development team have been busily snuffling out new ideas and ingredients to keep our menu stocked with the freshest bites around. This week they’ve rewarded us with the tweaked revival of some of our all-time favourites, re-jigged to bring you even more mouth tingling joy. The latest selection of street food specials will be available from 29th August – 20th October 2014. Your bouche will be amused…

Salmon Tostada

For fish lovers, we have a light and crisp salmon tostada inspired by Mexico City’s modern kitchens. We take thin slivers of sustainably sourced, Loch Duart salmon and lodge it atop a silky, smoky chipotle mayonnaise, pop a slice of rich, creamy Hass avocado on top and sprinkle with crispy onions to give your crunchy tostada, well, a little bit more crunch.

Hibiscus and beetroot salad

Anyone thinking that as the seasons cool, salads become a thing of the past, can think again. One to watch out for if you’re a clumsy eater wearing a white shirt/blouse/lab coat (nice choice), is our hibiscus marinated beetroot salad. We’ve harvested fresh baby leaf spinach (cutting it off in its prime), studded it with juicy beetroot tossed in a hibiscus flower dressing, and liberally sprinkled it with crumbled feta cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds. To make sure you’re paying attention, it’s strewn with thin slithers of pink pickled onions, which thanks to their habanero chilli pickle, pack a welcome punch. It’s salad for the now.

Our street food specials aren’t just there for you to enjoy you know. Order one and we donate 20p to EDNICA, a charity we’ve been supporting for the past 5 years in helping to feed and educate children living and working on the streets of Mexico city. Check out Tommi’s latest visit to meet them and hear where our money is going here.