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Pisces: helping to make the fishing industry more sustainable

In our quest to make sure that there’s always plenty more fish in the sea, we’re supporting a new start-up, SafetyNet Technologies in their quest to make the fishing industry more sustainable by reducing by-catch.

The award winning SafetyNet Technologies is set to disrupt the fishing industry with its ground-breaking technology which uses lights to attract and repel fish, thus eliminating by-catch by up to 90%. This patented piece of technology which the team call PISCES will take fishing to new dimensions and the team hope will have huge potential to make the fishing industry more sustainable.

Imagine a fisherman only catching the fish he is able to sell. Not catching the wrong type, or fish that are too small. Not having to throw his bycatch overboard or discard of them on land. It sounds like a far-off dream but according to the team behind PISCES, the reality is much closer to home. What makes their technology even more attractive is that within just one day, a fishermen can make their money back due to the extra fish they can now sell.

You can back their crowd-funnding campaign and claim your reward (£25 will get you a £25 voucher) between May 16 and June 23rd. The link to the crowdfunding page is: https://igg.me/at/PISCES

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Recipe Testing for Winter Menu

Tommi and Gavin
Our new menu is set to go live towards the beginning of October so we were testing some new dishes in the White City kitchen the other day. There were a few things we were playing with.

Vegetable Taco

For our seasonal vegetable taco we were debating whether to go back to the savoy cabbage/ mushroom mix that we’ve had before. Or trying it with seasonal greens (spring greens at the moment). Firstly we made a rich chilli sauce with ancho chilli’s, which have a slightly sweeter flavour than the pasilla chilli’s we have used previously. Then we cooked off our veg on the flat top and mixed it with the chilli sauce.

Veg on the Flat Top

It has quite a meaty taste to it, thanks to the mushrooms and the rich ancho sauce.

Chilli Squash Winter Burrito

Chilli Squash

We used fresh butternut squash which we dice, mix with a little cumin and our home made mojo de ajo (a potent garlic concoction) and roast it in the oven. Really delicious in a vegetarian burrito.

Black Bean Tostada

Black Bean Tostada 1

The black bean tostada omes from our intense love of our frijoles and black beans. It’s such a simple snack, but so delicious. In our first attempt, we took a tostada (fried pure corn tortilla) topped it with some frijoles, shredded lettuce, salsa fresca, crema, and Lancashire cheese.

It was a very tasty combo, but perhaps not the most attractive looking tostada. Especially since I was a little over generous with the frijoles and it started oozing over the sides.

Black Bean Tostada 2

The second more attractive attempt created by Tommi and Gavin, utilised our whole black beans, and corn, which gave it some welcome texture and a meatier, more robust consistency.

Our next step is testing different MSC approved seasonal fish for the menu – something we are really passionate about and keen to get right. If you’ve got a point of view on what we’re up to let us know by leaving a comment.