Now serving Belu water, water with ethics.

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Now serving Belu water, water with ethics.

Back in 2015, we started serving Belu still and sparkling water at every Wahaca.

We’ve always been interested in supporting projects that give something back to the community. As an example, we give 20p of every single seasonal specials we serve to Ednica, a UNESCO-backed charity dedicated to help children and teenagers who live in the streets of Mexico City.

We are really proud to have Belu water at Wahaca.Why?, Belu water is the most sustainable water company in the UK. They only use materials and water from the UK; their bottles are made of the lightest clear glass, which reduces their carbon footprint; all their materials are 100% recyclable. But most importantly, all of their profits go to WaterAid, a charity with the main goal of giving access to fresh, clean drinking water in areas of the world with extreme poverty.

Belu water partenered with WaterAid in 2011 with the aim of donating £1 million by 2020; we are thrilled to know they achieved this by the end of 2015!

Whenever you stop by at one of our sites to have your taco fix and you want to help a little bit, why don’t you try Belu water (alongside one of our margaritas!), knowing that with every gulp of still or sparkling water, someone will also have better access to drinking water as well.

Competition time! Win tickets to come and see us at The Big Feastival

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Competition time! Win tickets to come and see us at The Big Feastival

It’s less than a month until we’ll be popping up at Clapham Common’s Big Feastival – A festival that’s raising money for charity, whilst you stuff your face with delicious food and dance around to a seriously sweet summer soundtrack.

We’re going to be serving up our festival sized pork and summer vegetable tacos to keep you revelling and judging by their appearance at last September’s Harvest at Jimmy’s festival, they will go down a storm.

The event is set to be a total blinder with acts such as Athlete, The Charlatans, Soul II Soul and The Cuban Brothers all playing throughout the weekend. The Wahaca Taco Stall will be amongst good company with great chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Giorgio Locatelli and Peter Gordon all whipping up their own treats. In fact it was these guys, along with our very own Tommi Miers who have been heading up the committee for this Feastival and helping to get all of the brilliant foodie partners signed up *Pats on the back for Tommi*.

And whilst you are having a good old time, you can be safe in the knowledge that the cash you’ve paid for your ticket and food is going to a good cause. The money raised will go to two very like-minded charities: The Princes Trust (a charity that we’ve worked with many times over the years) and The Jamie Oliver Foundation. They are going to be sharing the wealth, both using the money to maximum effect, meaning you can have an even bigger smile on your face, all weekend long.

If you fancy picking yourself up some tickets, then head over to the website where you’ll see that you can go for day tickets, or for the whole weekend, and include tokens to buy your food when you’re at the festival. Fun times.

Even more fun times – Competition time! We’ve got 1 pair of day tickets to give away! To enter, simply tell us which of the acts on the line up famously sang (and you know it’s going to be in your head for the rest of the day) “Back to life (However do you want me)” in 1989?

Just post the answer, in a random fashion, on our facebook wall and we’ll put you in the big prize draw. Feel free to include any descriptions of how hearing the song makes you feel, although this will purely be for our own enjoyment and will have little-to-no sway on the final winner. The tickets are for the day of your choice and include 5 tokens to eat at the various restaurnts on site. The competition closes on Wednesday 22nd June.

Good luck!

Mims cycled across Mexico (and lived to tell the tale!)

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Mims cycled across Mexico (and lived to tell the tale!)

Those of you who’ve been following the blog and reading ‘Ola London will know that our Training Manager Mims Smith has been spending inordinate amounts of time pumping the pedals and fundraising for her attempt to cycle across Mexico to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Care. We’re very glad to report that she’s made it back in one piece and you can read all about her adventure here. Over to you Mims:

On the 26th of March this year, I set off on the biggest adventure of my life. Little did I know, the experience was one that would change my life.

At 7am, a group of people met in Heathrow Terminal 4 for a flight to Mexico City – 45 strangers with a common goal – to cycle across Mexico in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. All of us had our reasons for being there – all of us knew someone who had been touched by cancer – some of us had lost loved ones, some of us were survivors, some of us were living with it – all of us had our own fears and anxieties and none of us knew what to expect, but there we were, willing, able and very committed.

10 days later, the same group of 45 people reached the Pacific Ocean after cycling 650km up mountains, down potholed roads, through farmland, across jungles and all in 40 degree heat. We’d slept on the ground for 8 nights – through heat and storms – we bathed in streams (when there was one – mostly, we just didn’t wash), we’d eaten nothing but carbs and sugar, and we’d pedalled day in day out for 8 days straight. During this time, I learnt what it truly meant to be part of a team – we put tents up and took them down again, we laughed and cried, we shouted and sang, we’d fallen off just to get up and get back on, we’d charged up hills only to come back down and encourage the others to ‘keep pushing, keep pedalling’ – and we got there, not as a group of 45 individuals, but as a team – Team Mexico 2011.

On the 28th of March, we left the Gulf of Mexico as a group of 45 people with their own personal motive. 10 days later we reached the Pacific Coast as a team of 45 people bound together by adventure, emotion, hard work and a sense of achievement – a group who had raised a whopping £152 000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Words cannot express how that last convoy into Puerto Escondido felt – happy, sad, victorious, relieved, joyful and an overwhelming sense of what we had achieved – there were tears, laughter, hugs, and smiles all around, before running, leaping, diving into the ocean. I have never felt so good in my life.

This was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. It was also the most inspirational, enjoyable and humbling – it taught me that impossible is nothing, that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and that a ‘wall’ is not a ‘wall’ – it’s just a moment outside your comfort zone, an extra obstacle to make you realise you’re alive – and you only live once. It’s a feeling that’s addictive. During the cycle, I met several people who travelled and cycled the world with Macmillan every year. I’ve become one of them. Next stop? Kenya and Tanzania, Autumn 2012. I can’t wait.

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Tommi pays a visit to Ednica, our street project in Mexico City

Earlier this year, our co-founder and executive chef, Tommi went along to see the great work that gets done by Ednica, the Unesco backed charity that we have chosen to support.

Check out this interview that Tommi filmed with Violaine Dulin who has helped us set up the fundraising partnership we have going on. We think it gives a nice feel for the amazing work they are doing.

Next time you’re in the restaurant spend some time perusing the “Street food special” section of the menu and you’ll see that every time you order one of these dishes 20p is given to Ednica to help educate and feed kids who work on the streets of Mexico City. At the momement we have the huarrache and a cactus queso fundido on offer, which are totally-knock-your-socks-off-delicious so you can have a extra big smile on your face when it comes to ordering.

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Congratulations to Action Against Hunger!

Towards the end of last year we were delighted to be asked to help out with sponsorship of the Action Against Hunger Twin Peaks Challenge – A double tower run that had people running to the top of 2 of London’s highest buildings to raise money for charity.

Whilst our prize of a meal for 8 was offered in Wahaca Canary Wharf to keep to the tower theme, the winners were glad to hear the restaurant is only on the first floor of 1 Canada Square (and there’s a lift if the legs still haven’t fully recovered).

In total the event raised over £21,000 which will be going towards helping to ease the suffering of those caught up in the crisis in Haiti. You can check out the fun and games that were had on the day in their rather exhausting looking video below.

The FT London Twin Peak Challenge, starring Amy Williams! from Action Against Hunger on Vimeo.

If that looked like your cup of tea and you’re up for a challenge, The London Twin Peak Challenge 2011 will be taking place in June and that people can register their interest now by emailing: or phoning: 0208 293 6138.

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Get Mims to Mexico – The Beginnings

Having considered buying a bicycle for quite some time, the only thing that held me back was the thought of commuting through London traffic. And then I heard about ‘El Grandisimo’ – 612km of cycling from the east coast of Mexico to the west – and that was all the convincing I needed. I enjoy spinning classes at the gym – how hard could it be? Surely I could survive commuting in London traffic if 2 weeks in Mexico was at the finish line?

Am I a cyclist? No. Do I own a bicycle? I bought one last month on the Ride2Work scheme. I then immediately crashed it down on the Embankment. Since then, I have crashed, fallen off, picked myself up and got back on more times than I care to remember. But the more time I spend with my bicycle, the more addicted I am becoming – I spend weekdays daydreaming about it and weekends doing it.

But however nice cycling along canal towpaths may be I am yet to get involved with central London traffic. In order to conquer this, I started looking into cycling lesson options and was pleasantly surprised to discover Westminster Council offer free cycling tuition – 4 hrs of one-on-one tutoring with an instructor. So far I’ve had 2 hours of training – in the cleats I’ve been avoiding since leaving serious skin on the pavement 3 weeks ago and in traffic – it’s amazing how your confidence increases the longer you manage to avoid falling off!

But cycling is only half of it – and I’m realising maintenance is the other – you can’t have one without the other. So I’ve also learnt a few things recently – cleaning, lubricating and the all important ‘oh my goodness, I hope it never happens to me’ puncture repair – although admittedly, this did not go quite to plan…… I fixed a puncture on a friend’s bike which, unfortunately for him, went flat before he got home…… So more practise required I think…….

Can I turn myself from self confessed spin-a-holic and cycling amateur into a Mexican mountain climber? Time will tell. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted with tales of falls and spills, steep climbs, frighteningly fast downward spirals, core strength, leg power and fixing my first puncture. I’m excited!

Look out for my next blog – all you need to know about my maiden commute to work on a cold, dark November morning…….. And who said cycling was a summer sport!

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Let us help you grow your mo. 2010

There’s no denying it, Mexican’s have the best moustaches in the world, but after months of experimentation on the humble British upper lip, we’re delighted to announce that help is on hand for all those struggling to muster more lip-growth than a 16 year old boy. We can exclusively reveal that burritos make your mo grow.

That’s why, to show our support for those taking part in this year’s charity moustache growing campaign – Movember – we’re offering every fundraiser a free burrito from our Canary Wharf takeaway each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in November 2010.

To claim your free burrito (and yes you can come back every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if you want) you just need to come in to our takeaway in Wahaca Canary Wharf, showing us your hairy lip and a print out of your mo-space page to prove you’re a genuine mo-brother or mo-sister.

There are 4 burritos to choose from, all of them tasting like individually wrapped bundles of heaven. You can choose from a choice of fillings – British steak, slow cooked pork, free range chicken tinga and seasonal vegetables. These are lovingly combined with green rice, cheese, crunchy cabbage and salsas and then toasted for a few minutes on the grill to give them a great combo of crunch and melt in the mouth yumminess. You might have noticed we’re pretty keen on them.

So if you’re doing your bit and donating your face to Movember this year, then please do come on down to the Canary Wharf and let us give your lip a welcome boost. If you want to find out more about Movember and the great work they do to help raise money for The Prostate Cancer Charity, then check out their website.

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The Action against hunger Twin Peak Challenge

We’re really pleased to have been asked to team up with the guys at Action Against Hunger, helping to promote their Twin Peak Challenge – A double tower run taking place on Sunday 7th November.  The challenge aims to raise money that will work towards ending child hunger around the world. The race involves a climb of 935 feet in total, covering 67 floors, and a mere 1512 steps!

We’re always looking for fun on-line ideas, and so we’ve offered to sponsor their hugely addictive viral game. In keeping with the tower theme, the person with the highest score by the 6th November, wins a meal for 8 people including drinks at Wahaca Canary Wharf – Either as a slightly dubious preparation for the tower run, or perhaps as a celebration afterwards.  Luckily the restaurant is on the 1st floor of Canary Wharf’s famous Canada Square tower, and there’s a lift if the thought of 1 more step just becomes too much.

You can find out more about the great work that Action Against Hunger are doing around the world, including details on how you can enter a team in the Twin Peak Challenge, by visiting their website, and you can find the viral game here, but be warned, it’s highly addictive!

We’d love to know if you’re entering a team in the race, or how you are getting on with the viral game, so post your time and score here (We’ve just managed to get under 45 seconds after playing for most of the day!).

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Blaggers' Auction

Blaggers' Goodie Bags by Food by Mark
Blaggers' Goodie Bags by Food by Mark

Cecilia and Mark had a fantastic time at the Blaggers’ Banquet. By all accounts it was a sensational success, with over £6,000 being raised for Action Against Hunger. If you want to read more about the event from a variety of perspectives then have a look at…

The early stages…

and this post by Gin and Crumpets about the initial get together at the Draft House

The frantic preparations… by Princess and the Pea and Scandilicious

The view from the pass… by Gourmet Chick and Kavey Eats

The wine experts’ perspective… by Fiona Beckett and The Wine Sleuth

A photographer’s snapshot by Food by Mark whose image is at the top of this post

And most importantly devour Niamh’s amazingly moving post

But the fun hasn’t stopped. And neither has the fund-raising. If you visit the Blaggers’ Banquet eBay store you can bid on the first batch of lots including:

An Interflora “Hamper for Him”
An awesome Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer
A visit for two to Artisan du Chocolat Atelier
Afternoon Tea for Two at the Ritz
A White Christmas Tea Collection from the White Tea Company

And look out for your chance to bid on Mexican cookery lessons from none other than our very own Tommi!

Thanks to Food by Mark for the image – have a look at the rest of his fantastic images here.

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Food Blaggers' Banquet

Food Blaggers Banquet

Niamh, from Eat Like a Girl, and a group of fellow food and wine bloggers are hosting The Food Blaggers’ Banquet at Hawksmoor in order to raise money for Action Against Hunger. Participating bloggers have blagged all the produce and supplies from generous companies and will be also be cooking and serving the guests.

In addition to the dinner there will be auction where you can bid to get your mitts on some fantastic lots, with the best one being a cooking lesson from none-other-than Tommi! Apparently there will be some items auctioned on the night and then the bidding will continue online for the following week or so.

So if you want to come along, visit the eBay store where you’ll find a few tickets are still on sale. We are going along and are looking forward to a fantastic evening.