Street Food Project

Wahaca has benefited hugely from so many people in Mexico and so many Mexicans in the UK that we feel now we need to give something back.

We launched Wahaca’s street project with the aim of giving back to the streets from which we have taken so much inspiration, enjoyed so many flavours and met so many wonderful characters.

To raise funds we have created a section on our menu called “Streetfood specials” where will be drawing inspiration from our visits to Mexicos’ street stalls. For every streetfood special we sell, we donate 20p to charities and campaigns close to our heart in Mexico and the UK.

The Pig Idea is a campaign aiming to raise awareness of food waste issues created by our own Thomasina Miers alongside environmental campaigner, Tristram Stuart.  It aims to restore public faith in the safe practice of feeding food waste to pigs, encourage more people to donate their legally permissible food waste to be used as pig feed and ultimately to change the European law and allow catering waste to be used as pig feed by introducing a robust framework for safe processing and distribution.

For more information about The Pig Idea and to weigh up the arguments head to

EDNICA supports children whose parents live and work on the street. Instead of just giving them money though, they actually spend the money on educating the children about nutrition, technology, morals and working together. The simple objective is to give them the opportunities their parents never got. EDNICA also works with the childrens’ parents through committing them to turn up to meetings and also educating them on the welfare and health risks for their children.

We have visited EDNICA twice now and been really impressed by their principles and way of conducting their resources. We would love to give to several great charities we visited in Mexico but decided it was worth focusing on one charity we could believe in and could work with as we grow, so that they can grow with us.

For more information on EDNICA visit