Street Art: Waterloo

In fitting with our Mexican and market culture, at each Wahaca you can expect to see site specific commissions focusing on street and environmental art by the most exciting artists of the moment.

Artist: Sébastien Preschoux
Sébastien Preschoux is an artist and designer based in Paris who has become well known for his vibrant geometric thread sculptures and drawings. He first began experimenting with thread installations over four years ago, when whilst travelling he became inspired to spontaneously install improvised sculptural work in the forests of Argentina. Since then he has produced many more, either commissioned and self-initiated, both indoors and out, with particular attention paid to the lighting and final photography of the final piece.
For Sébastien this work is intended to draw attention to the natural world, to a slower pace of life and appreciation of creating hand-made art as opposed to the trickery of computers. He enjoys the graphic shapes that can be created with simple materials and its juxtaposition with the nature.

Preschoux has been commissioned by Wahaca @ Waterloo to create two thread site-specific installations that will interplay with the building’s particular architectural features. Additionally he will also be painting two murals within the space. This will be the first time Sébastien Preschoux has presented his work in the UK.