Street Art: Stratford

For our first restaurant in East London, we searched out an artist whose roots spring from the heart of the East End.

Street Artist: Pure Evil
Pure Evil, was given full access to our restaurant on the edge of The Olympic Park, and using a combination of paint and re-worked prints, he created a space that has touches of humour and creativity in equal measure.

First inspired by Graffiti when living in San Francisco, Pure Evil is one of East London’s most exciting artists. “I guess graffiti acts like a virus, pretty soon I was infected by it.” He wrote in an interview for our Ola London magazine. Going on to explain that “The name Pure Evil comes from when I was a kid and I killed a rabbit. I still carry around the guilt from killing this little bunny, so signing everything I do with the little bunny is a way of reminding me of my Pure Evil deed.”