Last Reviewed: 19/04/21

1.    Mission Statement

Wahaca recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. As a sustainable business, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact on the planet and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. We will encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

2.    Responsibility

Carolyn Lum is responsible for ensuring that the environmental policy is implemented. However, all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

3.    Policy Aims

We endeavour to:

  • Comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Continually improve and monitor environmental performance.
  • Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.
  • Increase employee awareness and training.


4.    Sourcing

  • Seek to source local, sustainable and ethical food products for our customers
  • We will be compliant with our MSC licence agreement and seek to source purely MSC products when available.
  • All meat must be British in origin. The base welfare standards are: Pork must be free range, Chicken must be free range, beef must be farm assured and predominantly grass fed.
  • Only fair trade or direct trade tea and coffee to be used (otherwise must be approved to be equivalent by the SRA)
  • Only organic milk to be used
  • All dairy should be British (The only exclusions may be Protected Denomination of Origin products i.e Feta, Parmesan)
  • Packaging should be kept to a minimum with the exclusive use of materials that are biodegradable (non plastic based) or recyclable.
  • Where possible, our preference is to source all produce from within the UK


5.    Waste

  • We will minimise the use of paper in our operations.
  • We will monitor and reduce the amount of food waste produced wherever possible and use only ‘zero to landfill’ waste collectors.
  • We will register our company every year with a compliance scheme partner before the 1st of February for the current year (currently Valpak).

Submit a detailed account of how much waste we’ve handled before the 1st of February each year to our compliance scheme partner.

  • We will buy PRNs (Packaging waste recovery notes) via our compliance scheme partner to fulfil our packaging waste obligations.


6.    Energy and Water

  • We will seek to reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible.
  • Lights and electrical equipment will be switched off when not in use.
  • Heating will be adjusted with energy consumption in mind.
  • The energy consumption and efficiency of new products will be taken into account when purchasing.


7.    Transportation

  • We will reduce the need to travel, restricting to necessity trips only.
  • We will promote the use of travel alternatives such as e-mail or video/phone conferencing.


8.    Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Cleaning materials used will be as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Materials used in new restaurant fit outs and refurbishments will be as environmentally friendly as possible
    • For every new restaurant, we aspire to achieve SKA Gold


9.    Monitoring and Improvement

  • We continually monitor our carbon footprint and are always looking for ways this can be reduced.
  • We will comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • We will continually improve and monitor environmental performance.
  • We will incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.
  • We will increase employee awareness through staff training and reinforcing the messages contained in the Green Charter.
  • We will review this policy and any related business issues at our quarterly management meetings.


10.    Culture

  • We will involve staff in the implementation of this policy, for greater commitment and improved performance.
  • We will update this policy at least once annually in consultation with staff and other stakeholders where necessary.
  • We will provide staff with relevant environmental training.
  • We will work with suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to improve their environmental performance.
  • We will use local labour and materials where available to reduce CO2 and help the community.


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