Street Art

Just like our food, our art is inspired by the streets. Each of our restaurants has been decorated by an different street artist (or 2), who we’ve chosen from amongst the best up and coming artist in the world and set to work on our walls. Read on to see what we’ve been up to recently.

Why you don’t want to miss our Day of the Dead Festival

On November the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, we are throwing  an incredible festival at The Vaults celebrating the dead and the living, indulgence and debauchery, loud music, fine food and immersive madness, surrounded by beautiful art. You should come.

Our celebration of Day of the Dead comes to life in the incredible labyrinth of underground tunnels below Waterloo, with a main live music stage, a Mayan jungle and more, all set in the vibrant setting of this most life affirming of festivities.

From melodic mashups of Mexico and the UK’s finest bands and DJs hand-picked by Movimientos, to a Cantina belonging to the one and only Weeping Lady, you’re going to want to get down here early to explore everything that’s going on.
Get your tickets before it’s too late.



Deadly good bands & Dj’s to shake your bones to: From Mexican-amazonic cumbia maestros Sonido Gallo Negro to the deep funky sounds of Family Atlantica to brass-sensations The Voodoo Love Orchestra, as well as mind-blowing DJ’s from our friends Movimientos will keep you on your toes all night long.

Grab a bite in our street-food market. Tuck into delicious tacos from the Wahaca taco-van, lick your fingers having nachos from our little brother DF/Mexico and bite into an awesome burger from no less than Patty & Bun or a hotdog from street-food champs Bubbledogs. Open from 6pm Thursday & Friday and from 11am Saturday, Festivals don’t get much tastier.


Sip don’t shoot! Sip delicious Olmeca Altos tequila at our Weeping Lady Bar, while she sings and tells tales of her loss. Or try one of our mezcales at the Mezcal Cinema, where Mexican short films from the Guadalajara Film Festival & mezcal meet.

Immersive yourself: Join the brass-thumping central procession into a recreation of Oaxaca’s Panteon General Cemetery to pay respect to the lost souls you are remembering, expect poetry and troubadours with a majestic ofrenda backdrop. Discover the Mayan Dia de Muertos, Hanal Pixan, in a fluorescent jungle, where you’ll be able to experience rituals with the mayans themselves. Enter the Resurrection Room & explore the emotional imprints left behind  in our lives by loved ones when they’ve gone. You’ll get the chance to celebrate and mourn those you’ve loved and lost, and reflect on how do their memories live on.

Top Grub: If you were lucky enough to grab one of the 50 tickets to attend Thomasina Miers‘ Banquet at Hourse of Vans, expect the finest contemporary Mexican experience. The supper club is now SOLD OUT, but don’t miss out on our incredible selection of Street Food on Leake Street.

A feast for the eyes: Street artist Marc Craig will take over the main space and transform it into instragramable heaven! #NoFilter

Dress up! Dress as the person who’s life you’re celebrating or dust off your Mexican inspired outfit and hunt out one of our face-painting stations courtesy of the Mexican Embassy & Visit Mexico.

Bring the kids! Don’t forget we have a family day on Saturday 4th, so no-one misses out. Bring the little ones to discover the true spirit of Day of the Dead through storytelling & performance, join in the hands-on workshops, get dancing with Big Fish Little Fish on the main stage, and follow the Voodoo Love Orchestra‘s procession to the grand finale with a screening of Book Of Life. 

All for a good cause: All of Wahaca’s profits from the event will go to support families who have been affected by the recent earthquakes in Mexico, through donations to Ednica and other charities in the area.

At the heart of Wahaca’s Day of the Dead Festival is a lofty ambition. We aim to bring Mexico’s most vibrant celebration to life on the biggest scale the UK has ever seen. We’ll raise a glass to that.

Click here for tickets.

Lapiztola bring Oaxaca to life in Liverpool


Lapiztola bring Oaxaca to life in Liverpool

Lapiztola, Oaxaca City’s protest muralists, visited Liverpool last Autumn to bring a little bit of Mexico into Wahaca Liverpool.

They used their distinctive and unique technique using stencils to create textures to paint stunning murals on the restaurant walls including the “Mezcal man” and a market scene straight from Oaxaca City.

In the autumn rain, they also painted the front of the restaurant with birds that represent freedom, in this short video, you can find out more about what inspires Lapiztola.

Discover Ricardo Cavolo’s murals at Wahaca Liverpool Street

Something colourful catching your eye as you walk past Wahaca Liverpool Street? Ricardo Cavolo, world renowned Spanish illustrators and muralists, took the restaurant walls as a blank canvas to create a permanent exhibition of his unique style.A graduate in Fine Arts from Salamanca University, he’s an artist with a unique imaginarium and a colourful iconography of tattooed souls, legends and fantastic nature unique to Spain.

Ricardo’s mural at Wahaca Liverpool Street


Ricardo has exhibited in galleries such as Mad is Mad and Espacio Valverde in Madrid, Atomica Gallery (London) and Ó! Galeria (Porto), and has participated in art fairs like JustMadrid. But his turning point came when Cirque Du Soleil chose him to work on one of their artistic projects in Spain in 2010.

He has also worked for AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) and on record covers and sleeves for labels like Gran Derby Records and BOA Music. As an illustrator he has published with publishing houses such as SM, Periférica, Lunwerg, Límina (Italy) and Madriguera (Peru).



Amongst the books he has published, ‘Cocina Indie’ y ‘Cocina Pop’ together with the journalist Mario Suárez. He has his own graphic novel, ‘El desorganismo de Daniel Johnston’, and also his very own music encyclopedia of ‘100 artists I couldn’t live without’.

In 2012 he received the award for best cover from the magazine Yorokobu, and in 2013 and 2014 he was one of the artists invited to the Urban Trends Festival Festival of Madrid, MULAFEST. He has also worked on publicity campaigns for brands such as Nike, Converse, Dockers, Levi’s…, as well as working with Futbol Club Barcelona and has created murals for Urban Outfitters, Cirque du Soleil and Montreal Airport.

We have a signed copy of 101 Artists to listen before you die, to be in a chance of winning, simply reply to our instagram video of Ricardo’s work in progress with your name and we will pick a winner on 31st of August.


Street Art at Wahaca Bristol

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Street Art at Wahaca Bristol

When we found the space for our Bristol restaurant at the top of Queen’s Road in Clifton, our imagination was immediately sparked by the size and depth of the interior and the chance to bring a huge mural to the heart of this Street Art loving city.

The artist that we chose for this project, Will Barras, was one of the original pioneers of Bristol’s urban art scene and one of the artists who was celebrated at the Crimes of Passion: Street Art exhibition held at the nearby Royal West of England Academy. His own loose style of drawing has become influential worldwide thanks to exposure in books such as Scrawl and later on the cover of Street Sketchbook. As a member of the “Scrawl Collective” his work takes him on worldwide tours creating murals seen by millions.

In this film, we asked street artist Will Barras about the mural he’s created in our Bristol restaurant and how the city inspired his work.

For more films on what we’re up to at Wahaca, head over and subscribe to our WahacaTV YouTube channel

Thanks to the guys at Upsides Media. Visit for more of their work.

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Tommi’s Diner shapes up for Chilli Chill Bang Bang


Yesterday we sent a troop of our top waiters, chefs and bartenders along to Dalston Yard, home of next weekend’s Chilli Chilli Bang Bang festival, to give the place a bit of a spruce up.

Tommi's Diner

Together with top graffiti instructors from Paintsmiths, our guys turned a fairly regular looking wall into a chilli inspired backdrop for Tommi’s Diner. The diner will be open for just 2 days and it’ll be home to our very own Tommi Miers as she cooks up a 3 course menu, for those who fancy some VIP treatment, street food style, using recipes inspired by her new book Chilli Notes.

If you fancy heading along to Chilli Chilli Bang Bang on Friday 9th or Saturday 10th May, tickets are on sale now and entry gets you, not just a whole load of great times, but a free margarita and a free bottle of corona on the night, plus we’re throwing in a free Wahaca sauce and a Margarita in one of our restaurants if one night of fun isn’t enough for you. Probably the best £15 you’ll ever spend!

As well as Tommi’s Diner, the event’s going to be featuring street food from Wahaca and a new experiment we’re trying out called DF Mexico, alongside some of our favourite vendors from the UK street food scene. Expect to see Pizza Pilgrims, Andina, Bar Shu, B.O.B.’s Lobster and many more chilli inspired stalls. Drinks are courtesy of the fresh shakers at Rotary Bar and there’s going to be our very own Wahaca Mezcaleria for anyone after something a little more smoky.  For a list of the incredible chefs that will be cooking on The Crate Stage, head here.

It’s gonna be one hell of a hot party, so get your tickets quick!

Our Wahaca gang with The Paintsmiths their finished wall at Dalston Yard
Our Wahaca gang with The Paintsmiths and their finished wall at Dalston Yard


How we built the Wahaca Southbank Experiment

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How we built the Wahaca Southbank Experiment

It’s not every day that you get to stack up 8 recycled shipping containers on London’s Southbank and put a restaurant inside them, so we thought we’d make a short film about how we did it and the artists that decorated the space for us. We hope you like it.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Michael Radford
Additional photography by Oliver Radford. Special thanks to Tristan Manco.

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Remi/Rough gets to work in Soho

With our new restaurant on Wardour Street in Soho fast approaching completion, one of the last tasks is to get someone to splash a bit of paint on the walls. You know, make it look nice.

In fact, local residents and inquisative passers by may have noticed that there’s been quite a bit of that going on, and we’ll give you the full low down on all of the artists that worked on the interior soon. But today, it was the turn of Remi Morgan or Remi/Rough (to those in the know) and we thought he deserved special mention due to his recent involvement in the often whispered about, but until yesterday never reported, Underbelly Project.

Thanks to Vandalog for the images via flickr and creative commons.

Remi was one of 100 of the worlds top street artists that was invited to take part in a one off art project, deep under the heart of New York City in a dissused and now totally un-accessible subway station. The space was transformed into a exhibition to which only one reporter and a handful of photographers were invited, and which was only on show for one night. Pretty Cool.

When we asked him about it in a break from graffiting our bar, Remi mostly recalled the fear of being eaten by mutant sized rats, and the pitch black that perpetuated the space. With this in mind, we’ve left the lights on for him and you’ll be pleased to hear he’s doing a cracking job.

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Claroscuro's Street Art at Canary Wharf

Last summer we ran a competition to find a street artist to graffiti our restaurant. After being blown away by the entries we got, Claroscuro emerged as the winners and have done an amazing job. To see how it all unfolded from a selection of the brilliant entries through to final artwork watch the video below.

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition and to everyone who voted as well. We were overwhelmed by both the quantity and fabulous quality of the entries and are looking forward to working with the street art community on other projects in the future.

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Canary Wharf Street Art Preview

We’ve been looking forward to Claroscuro transforming our space in Canary Wharf into a modern masterpiece ever since they were voted onto the shortlist of our Street Art Competition back in August.

Whilst the rest of Canary Wharf was away they spent the weekend spraying the living daylights out our new restaurant. Here’s a few pictures to give you a sneak preview of what to expect…

Clarascuro planning 445




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Claroscuro duo, WINNERS of our street artist competition


We are very excited to announce that the winner of our Street Art competition is the artist duo Claroscuro.

We have had incredible entries from some amazing artists and it has been a tough decision. Thank you all for entering but also for all those out there who voted.

Watch this space as Claroscuro starts putting together some fantastic ideas for the space – we hope to follow the whole commission here on the blog! We hope to see you all down in Canary Wharf once we open at the beginning of November.