It’s chilli growing time!

Oh yes! Warmer sunnier days are here and with that comes the perfect season to get sowing with no less than Wahaca’s chilli seeds, ready to grow serranos. So come and get them now!

The week of  Tuesday 10th of May, we celebrated #GuerillaChilliGrowing week and for that very reason, we have limited edition biodegradable chilli growing kits ready for you to pick up at your nearest Wahaca.


The kit includes a pot, compost, seeds and a special planter with everything you need to know to become a chilli growing pro and bag yourself a FREE £10 of tasty Wahaca once your plant reaches 6cm.



For expert tips head to:

Planting your seeds

Repotting your plants

Pollinating your chillies

Looking after your chillies