Mexican sensations Jesse y Joy talk music & tacos!

Jesse and Joy Huerta, two Mexican-American siblings that started making music since they were kids, have been having massive success since the release of their first single “Espacio sideral” in Mexico, Latin America, Spain and the States. They’re about to release their fifth album, titled Jesse & Joy, We were really excited to see them at Wahaca Oxford Circus  for a little talk about music and to show off our amazing tacos, however little did we know they are massive Wahaca fans, having spent time in the UK when recording  one of their albums,

Following this amazing bit of news, Eduardo, our Wahaca correspondent, interviewed Jesse and Joy whilst sharing horchatas, carnitas and pork tacos and churros and here’s what they’ve got to say:

Eduardo: You have had a massive success in Spanish speaking countries and the U.S., are you ready to conquer the rest of the world with your first ever album in English?

Jesse y Joy: We are more than ready. We never thought our music would reach the world, we are really thrilled to release our music in English and we wanted to show the world that we are Mexican-American so we also write our songs in English. We don’t want to give the wrong impression to our fans and we don’t want anyone to think we are trying to be opportunists as we are extremely excited and proud that our nomination at the 59th Grammys is for our album in Spanish.

E: We play lots of Latin music in our restaurants (#WahacaMusic), we are really big fans of Julieta Venegas, Natalia LaFourcade, and Café Tacvba, what do you like to listen to when you’re in Mexico?

J&J: It’s really interesting because you just mentioned some colleagues and friends of ours that we respect and admire, Natalia for example, to who we listen all the time.

E: As you can see we specialise in Mexican street food like tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, what is your favourite Mexican food?

J&J: We love ALL Mexican food! But particularly we love pastor tacos, tlayudas, sopes, gorditas and the cuisine from Oaxaca and Chiapas. We enjoy everything, from a good tamal verde to a good arrachera meat!


E: Can you recommend us your favourite taco stand/place in Mexico City?

J&J:El huequito’ for tacos al pastor. They open daily at 9am and close at 4am, so it’s a very good place to go for lunch, dinner, after going out, etc. We also really enjoy the frijoles de la olla and tostadas from ‘El Califa’.

E: Do you have a chef that cooks for you when you’re on tour?

J&J: Of course not! We love food and we love exploring, so we try to go out to as many places as possible, like holes in the wall, where you can get lots of different street food and get to know a bit more about the culture of the place. We are extremely lucky to be able to discover this amazing places whilst we are on tour!