Scoops of fresh ice cream, made with passion.

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Scoops of fresh ice cream, made with passion.

Stop what you’re doing and close your eyes for a minute. Picture your favourite British dish; now, imagine that you live abroad and that you really crave that dish frequently; luckily, your mum taught you how to make a pretty good version of the dish and you cook it for special occasions.

Now, imagine you are going to lots and lots of British style pubs whilst abroad and not being able to try a decent version of your cherished dish despite of it being on the menu. You then decide to tell the owner of one pub (after a pint or two!) that you make the best dish in town. They then ask you to make some for them and after tasting it, they agree that you should produce it in a massive scale for their restaurants. The only kitchen utensils you’ve got are the ones in your kitchen.

This is how the Ice Cream Union was founded, after two Argentinean brothers living in London claimed at Santa Maria Buen Ayre in Battersea, (after a Malbec or two) that they made a better dulce de leche ice cream that the one they offered. Now, they not only distribute their famous ice cream flavour to that restaurant, but they produce 12 different ice creams and 4 sorbets for people like Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsey, BA 1st class customers and of course, us. They have approximately 30 employees working in their ice cream-lab near Bermondsey, with a dedicated development chef, a large team because their product is made with so much attention to detail and the freshest ingredients, an true artisan product.


They have expanded quickly in the last 4 years to adapt to their clients’ demand, however they only use natural and local (when possible) ingredients for every flavour and will never compromise on quality. And last but not least, they employ 81 people in Congo in a fairtrade cocoa plantation.

In various ways The Ice Cream Union and Wahaca are very similar and we’re extremely proud to have such an amazing product in our menu. Next time you visit us, why don’t you try one of our fantastic ice creams, like the salted caramel, mango & passion fruit sorbets, which you will only find at any of our restaurants?