Proud winners of the Food Made Good Award

Yesterday (22nd of March, 2016) we went along to the Food Made Good Awards, an annual celebration of everything that is good about the food-service industry and the people in it, hosted by the Sustainable Restaurant Association in partnership with the Independent on Sunday, we were delighted to receive the award for Large Group of the Year. The awards champion a wide range of businesses, from fine dining establishments to farm cafés, there were a brilliant array of names hoping to win. They all have impressed with their care for the environment, the produce they serve and their staff too.


From the day we first opened in Covent Garden, we challenged ourselves to minimise the environmental impact our business caused. We’ve since learned how to build sustainability into every element of our restaurants and have just become the first Carbon Neutral restaurant group in the UK and we are supporting a stove project in Mexican rural communities to offset carbon emissions.

Wahaca Liverpool Cocktail Bar
Wahaca Liverpool Cocktail Bar where blocks of glass which were previoulsy in the ceiling, were used to build the bar.

We also work with wonderful suppliers, support Water Aid, and use MSC fish in our menu, as well as taking care and re-using materials when building new restaurants.

Thank you to all the wonderful people we work with so closely for making this a reality.