Riverford Organic presents… the finest poblano peppers exclusively for Wahaca

To commemorate #WorldVegetarianDay, we thought we told you a little more about our poblano peppers, being used right now in our Rajas fundido special at Wahaca’s across the nation, our Rajas tacos at Wahaca’s Taco Bar, and in our Rajas corn bread at Wahaca Covent Garden.


Poblanos are a large mild chilli pepper that originated in Puebla, Mexico, and which are also known in it’s dry variety called “ancho”. In Mexico these peppers are used to make Chiles en nogada and delicious taco fillings after roasting them on the comal or being cooked with onions and cream.

Riverford organic, has been growing a crop exclusively for us, that we are very proud of and which has been “A joy to grow” as Guy Watson from Riverford has told us.


Don’t miss your chance to try this Mexican delicacy at your nearest Wahaca while crops last!