Mexican grasshoppers hit the Southbank once more

Wahaca Southbank Experiment welcomes back the tasty chapulines.

As the population expands, we are putting critical pressure on global food supplies. Insects are eaten regularly by 80% of the world’s population and many see entomophagy (insect eating) as the only logical answer to a future food crisis.


In Mexico, and specially in the estate of Oaxaca, grasshoppers are considered a delicacy and after toasting them with garlic, chilli, lime and salt, they are sold in markets and are most commonly eaten with freshly made tortillas and delicious salsas.

At Wahaca Southbank Experiment, we have cooked them with onions, and chillies to create a nutty salsa, smothered with melted cheese served with tortilla chips for you to very simply dig in. (2014)


Ready to give them a try? pop in and tell us what you think of our dish on Twitter using #chapulinYES or #ChapuliNO