S.O.S. Save Our Spoons! The Mexican Spoon Amnesty Returns

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S.O.S. Save Our Spoons! The Mexican Spoon Amnesty Returns

In 5 years 25,000 of our specially designed Wahaca Spoons have mysteriously dessert-ed us and we want them back. So this January, the Mexican Spoon Amnesty returns offering our forgiveness in exchange for your spoon shaped apologies. In fact, we’d be so grateful we’ll also give you a free plate of tacos. No questions asked. Last year, we helped clear the conscience of hundreds of light-fingered cutlery rustlers and for them, redemption never tasted so good.

Good as Gold? Are you one of the few people never tempted to pocket a spoon? We salute you. You can help us combat cutlery crime by becoming an informant and could win a meal for 2. Just take a snap of your friend trying to escape with one of our spoons and post it on facebook.com/wahaca and the most creative photo each week will win. Offering the perfect opportunity to bring that spoon back.

Snap your pals and help us Combat Cutlery Crime

Tweet your support and get the latest scoop on twitter. #spoonamnesty.
Wahaca does not encourage theft of any kind. It’s very bad for your soul. Borrowing is forgivable though.