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Wahaca helps Gateway Primary School go green

A few months ago now we had an email from Gateway Primary school near Edgeware Road who were looking for ways to expand their Eco-Club. Always keen to help out with community growing products, we eagrely popped some chilli seeds in the post to them and awaited the first news of shoots. 

We’re very happy to hear that now, they’re going stronger than ever with green-houses made from plastic bottles helping the seeds on their way through the winter. Here’s what they had to say…

Hello!  We are the Eco Team at Gateway Primary  School and we’re working very hard to make our school a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place!

We have lots of projects going on at the moment such as recycling at school and reducing the amount of energy we use,  but our favourite is our growing project! Last year we grew potatoes and chillies (thanks to our teacher having been for dinner at Wahaca in Covent Garden!)

 Here are 2 photos of us planting the chilli seeds and we were very excited to see shoots appear! 

This led us to think that we could get lots of children and their parents involved in growing chilli plants as we all love spicy food at our school!

So we have started an Eco-competition every week in our school newsletter… and the prize is a “Grow your own Chillies kit!” like the one here! 

We want to say a huge “Thank you!” to Wahaca for offering to provide us with the chillies we need to get the whole school growing!  Muchas gracias!

De nada! We’re looking forward to hearing more about how your Eco-Club grows, and hearing a little about the delicious food you make with those chillies! Please do keep us posted.