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Graffiti Canary Wharf Heat 5

Here’s the last set of artists looking for your votes. The winner of our graffiti contest will be invited to decorate the walls in our new Restaurant in Canary Wharf. Have a look through and cast your vote on which artist you think would be the best with our new place.

35. Pikto


I’ve been doing graffiti/street art for 10 years now. I mainly do photorealistic art but I quite often like to combine it with stencil or abstract art. I love new challenges and know loads of techniques to transfer new ideas to large walls. I’ve done loads of airbrush jobs as well. Graffiti came to me as a way of expressing myself on a bigger canvas and is a way to show people that the art doesn’t always need to be inside the gallery. It can be everywhere.

36. Uberpup


Ria Dastidar aka Uberpup – makes imagery inspired by pop culture, nature, the urban environment, characters and fun. The work is playful, surreal and always uses distinctive intense color. Images take a mixed media approach, collage based, assembled digitally. The illustrations produced are often chaotic in style, unrestrained and contain a feeling of density and unbridled energy. Influences include, satirical comedy, Indian textiles, and day-glo cartoon shows. Contemporary illustrators are also very important to the Uber-style, especially Tado, Vault 49 and Genevieve Gauckler. Japanese art and anime is also an inspiration especially the artist Chiho Aoishima.

37. Rough


I am very inspired by architecture and my environment. When I used to paint in the streets I took certain environmental aspects with me into painting interiors and canvas… The way buildings interact with each other and the offsetting of sky colour against dark concrete and metal edges is integral to the similar structures that lie within my abstracts. Although based strongly on early graffiti paintings and graffiti colour schemes, my paintings rely on structure and form. Negative space is also a big factor in my work and I like to work out in my head what goes on outside of the actual painting as well as inside it.To make the innocent and beautiful dark, to find soul in stark, geometric swashes…

38. Rowan Newton


Growing up I was a fan of kids cartoons and comic books. As I got older and growing up in Brixton I became aware of the graffiti and advertisement that surrounded me in my urban environment. These things went on to influence my art, the blocks of solid colour, used in the cartoons, my use of line, like the comics. The more raw scruffier aspect of graffiti and the use of sexy young cool imagery used in advertisement.

39. Jimi Crayon


Jimi Crayon recently exhibited work alongside Banksy, Rankin and Anthony Gormley in the extremely successful Art against Knives exhibition and was the first of all artist to sell his work raising money for the charity. He has customised shoes for Theirry Henry, and Elle Mcphearson and Immodesty Blaze are both collectors of his work. He is one of only 8 artist ever to paint onto the notoriously clean walls of MC&Saatchi’s London HQ and has also painted live murals at the Tate Modern on two occasions. He has shown work in London, Barcelona, Milan and New York and has featued heavily in the press from The Independent through to Vice magazine. Jimi is signed to Britain’s biggest Illustration agency ‘CIA’ working alonside the likes of Sir Peter Blake and Ian Bilbey. Jimi’s work has an enthuastic edge focussing on the vibrance and fun side of life not commonly found amongst his piers. “Arts in a weird place at present, its seems like everyone wants to immortalise the things they hate, you cant walk the streets without seeing stencils of guns, george bush or altered coca cola signs, It can be very patronising, I prefer thinking about the way I want things to go rather than the way I’d hate them to turn out.”

40. X-teck

This is X-Teck from the famouns Monorex collective.

41. The Krah


THE KRAH is a decrepit yet talented young man who has wasted most of his youth scribbling on everything and using any medium he could get his hands on. Brought up in the Mediterranean chaos of Europe’s most ancient city, ironically the one that gave birth to democracy. The KRAH was always fascinated by the urban disorder of his hometown of Athens Greece, where the priests are the richest men and the sunstroke makes the nation think that democracy still exists.  As vandalism was the most fun thing to do, THE KRAH started painting the streets and the subway trains of Athens from 1997.  But his graffiti and street-art also be seen on the streets of a lot of other citys around the world, all over Europe and cities such as Tokyo and Bangkok. After moving to East London The KRAH is still a very active street-artist and if graffiti is about underground freestyle funky visuals in illegal spots, THE KRAH has plenty of them to offer.

42. Agents Of Change


We are Agents Of Change – a group of 4 artists who work together to create artwork that blends and melds each of our individual styles into something unique. Our work is always site specific and we draw inspiration not only from the space to be painted but also it’s past, present and future. The attached piece was created in a gallery under renovation in east Berlin as part of a project to draw attention to the changes – good and bad-  that the area and its population have experienced following the destruction of the wall.

43. SNUB


I’ve been painting many years now.Both commercially and on the street. My recent work involves pylons and vegetation under the rough title of ‘urban nature’. I also recently painted the decor at the latitude festival. I’ve been described as bringing colour back to the streets and anything else I can get my paints, stickers and paste-ups on.

44. Vicky Scott


My artwork is brightly coloured and humourous, inspired by 1920’s art deco, 60’s psycadelia ,art noveau. My pieces always have a story to tell and I like the idea that the viewer can see something different in the picture each time they look and come away from the picture with a smile on their face (I know that sounds cheesy!). I often include organic elements, animals (and cakes!) in my pieces. My pieces are a mixture of hand made paper/ fabric collages cut up with a stanley knife and scissors before being scanned into Photoshop to reproduce as a print. I have recently added paintings to my portfolio too and these are large scale acrylics or household paints canvas and also as wall murals.

Now you’ve ssen the artists. Cast your vote. And don’t forget to check back soon to see who’s the winner of all 5 heats.