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Graffiti Canary Wharf – Heat 2

Here’s the second set of entries that we’ve had for our graffiti competition. Have a look through and cast your vote for which artist’s work you think will look best in our new Canary Wharf restaurant.  Don’t forget to keep checking back every day this week, as we’ll be posting another set of artists work each day for you to chose from.


11. ESKA

I’m based in London, and have been painting for last 15 years. I’ve been involved in Kevin Spacy’s exibition ”tunnel 228” , and organizing events like ”art against crime” and an up-comming event ” splashart session ”. I’ve exhibited work in Rarekind Gallery and many others. I’m well known for my amaizing 3d style. I’ve been inspired by 3 dimentional effects/letters and colourful background.

12. Ewan


I am inspired by anything that is new and interesting but that still holds on to its roots and heritage in its genre artistically. My drive to paint comes from a simplistic love of spraypaint as a medium and seeing my name in big letters.


13. Faye Chadburn


I am neither a street nor a graffitti artist. I only work with dulux paint and brushes… But i love to paint as big as possible in public spaces. The credit for most of my paintings over the last year goes out to the latino lands of Brasil and Argentina who welcomed me and my paintbrushes over the winter months. South america and its vibrancy will always influence my work…i owe it big time.. it has helped me find my creative path!! This is the main reason i feel i would be able to come up with something fantastic for Wahaca.


14.  Shylock 76


I am mainly inspired to paint portraits of those that inspire me, mainly in the field of music.  I aim to for my art to be uplifting and celebrate culture in the world that enriches life and inspires people to take in interest in how people live in other parts of the world and help protect diversity in all its forms. I like to use both spraycans and traditional painting techniques to produce a striking design.


 Influences: a mischievous take on pop culture, music and current affairs.
 I began painting graffiti in 1987, i have developed my own surreal landscape mural style, I have a lot of experience working on interiors and exteriors. I live and work as an artist in east london recently spent 2 weeks in mexico i am inspired by birds in particular those of the Yucatan Peninsula.
My influences range from traditional 80s style subway graffiti to movements such as pop art and expressionism, enabling me to combine the vibrance of street graffiti with the aesthetics of more traditional contemporary art. Born in Latin America I have an affinity with the culture and would hope to use the theme of Latin music as an inspiration for the piece.