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Chilli Growing Roundup

Few things delight us more than seeing our chilli seed books put to good use – there can never be too many chillies in this world if you ask us. We’ve heard stories about people growing our chillies in their offices, kitchens and greenhouses as well as some strange people even pollinating them to the theme tune of Barry White.

So here’s a roundup of what we found this week whilst chatting on twitter and searching the internet, with a bit of helpful guidance thrown in as well.

@pgl has very kindly put together a demonstration of how to pot on your chillies that Alan Titchmarsh would be proud of.

Chilli Potting 1

Chilli Potting 2

Chilli Potting 3

Meanwhile, @issystweet and @nakedcreativity seem to be well on track. Their chilli seeds are sprouting up next to a strawberry plant. Spicy strawberry sorbet anyone?

Chilli and Strawberry Plants

We’ve also heard some cries for help from the likes of @bibendumwine whose chilli plant looks a picture of good health, but isn’t yielding any chillies.

Bibendumwine Chilli

If you are having the same problem, we’ve found that pollinating the flowers, gently, with a small paint brush, or if you’re feeling tactile, with the end of your finger works well. But be careful as the flowers sometimes fall off if you’re clumsy. A few days later the flowers will start to wilt and little chillies will emerge. For more detailed advice have a look at this site, watch this video, or go the West Dean Chilli Festival this weekend.

If anyone else is growing our chillies we’d love to hear from you and see how you are getting on. If you’ve got any gardening questions just ask and we’ll do our best to help. And if any of you have harvested a crop then please let us know how you are using them. You could even enter Tommi’s Mexican recipe contest

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