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Time to summerize. Our new menu is out now!

It’s that time of year again – shades, shorts and a slackening of the rules around eating ice cream before midday. So to ensure you hit that culinary sweet spot, we’ve launched a new summer menu that’s stocked full of suitably seasonal delights.

This year, as we turn 10 years old, Tommi has been hard at work flicking back through the archives, and has pulled together a menu of her favourite summer dishes from a decade of cooking in the Wahaca kitchens, and sprinkled it with a few inventions inspired by our recent travels around the Motherland.

Watch out for highlights like our new buttermilk chicken tacos – crispy fried chicken, topped with habanero & white onion relish & a spiced mayo; extra cheesy quesadillas, including the new chicken club; fire roasted cactus and courgette burritos and a heavenly hibiscus-roasted aubergine salad with roast serrano hummus, mint vinaigrette and salsa macha. New to our market treats section, a four cheese empanada, stuffed with four different cheeses in one pastry parcel. We crisp it up and top it with a fresh tomatillo salsa ready for you to take a chomp.

If you like the sound of that, Book yourself in and take your taste buds on a trip to discover a little bit more of the magic of the Mexican markets.

Wahaca goes Carbon Neutral

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Wahaca goes Carbon Neutral

We are delighted to to be the first restaurant group in the UK to be certified as a CarbonNeutral company – here’s how:

Since opening our very first restaurant in Covent Garden in 2007, we have sought to be a climate leader in the industry, challenging ourselves to ensure that each site has as low an environmental impact as possible. Our group, which currently has 23 locations, has reduced the average total energy consumption of newer sites (those established after 2013) by 36%. Further to this, we have regularly assessed the efficiency of older locations, and by upgrading systems and appliances have decreased the average energy consumption of older sites by 15%. For example, adjusting a heater battery at the Bluewater Wahaca led to a 76% reduction in gas use. In 2016, through offsetting the remaining unavoidable energy usage by investing in far-reaching energy-saving initiatives, Wahaca has been certified as having a net zero carbon footprint.

To continue reading, head to this page.

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Grab breakfast by the Huevos – Our new menu is available now

Breakfast is a big deal in Mexico. A big deal that shouldn’t be missed. So our new breakfast menu available at Oxford Circus brings the finest dishes from the mornings of Mexico to the UK with our own local twists, to give you a selection of dishes that are sure to power you through ‘til lunch.

If you like to start your day with an egg (and who doesn’t), then head for our Mexican Baked Eggs, served in 3 different ways in a skillet with buttery toasted sourdough. Whether it’s smoky roast tomato and chipotle, fresh zingy tomatillo or the heartier chorizo and refried beans that you go for, you can be guaranteed all kinds of glory.

Mexican Baked Eggs with Roast Tomato, chipotle and dippy sourdough.
Mexican Baked Eggs with Roast Tomato, chipotle and dippy sourdough.

One of Mexico’s most famous breakfast dishes, Huevos Rancheros, is served Divorciados, with 2 fried eggs, slathered in 2 different salsas atop fresh blue corn tortillas, baby leaf spinach, crumbled Lancashire cheese and a cooling crema. #PowerHuevos

Why have one salsa when you can have two?
Why have one salsa when you can have two?

Anyone looking for the ultimate superfood start to the day should look no further than our avocado toast with a Green Smoothie, a dairy free blend of apple, cucumber, avocado and chia that will leave you with a sense of overall wellbeing.

Traditionalists can grab a breakfast bap, sandwiching bacon and a fried egg between sourdough made by our friends at Brixton based artisan baker, Bread Bread, with a healthy dollop of chipotle ketchup.

Warning... Money shot.
Warning… Money shot.

For the full menu including the hangover-busting Breakfast Burrito, French Toast with maple agave and free range streaky bacon, a whole range of juices and lighter dishes such as homemade granola with fruit compote and agave syrup, head over here.

French Toast with agave maple syrup
French Toast with agave maple syrup

Our new breakfast menu is available daily at Wahaca Oxford Circus 8am weekdays, 9am weekends, until just before midday. For breakfast bookings and breakfast meeting enquiries, please get in touch on oxfordcircus@wahaca.co.uk or 020 3002 8784.